Crapaganda douche gets Interpol red alert


Well, well. Looks like our ol’ pal Jota-Jota is in hot, hot water. And about bloody time, too:

The Public Ministry of Venezuela indicated in a press release that Juan José Rendón Delgado has been placed on red alert in the Interpol database.

The note specifies that Interpol act according to the provisions of the Organic Law of the Rights of Women to a Life Free of Violence.

On November 14, 2013, prosecutor Beremig Rodríguez presented a request of apprehension against Rendón before the Metropolitan Caracas police tribunal.

This alert permits the international organism to capture him in any port or airport of the world through which he tries to move.

The petition was sent to Interpol because Rendón has been out of country since November 8, 2006, and it is supported by the Venezuelan constitution, the Organic Code of Penal Process, and the Organic Law upon which the accusations are based.

Rendón, who collaborated in April with the failed presidential campaign of Henrique Capriles Radonski, is accused of violence against women.

The political advisor, who also worked for the presidential campaigns of Porfirio Lobo of Honduras, and Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico, has been accused on numerous occasions by Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro of conspiring against his government in presumed alliance with the Venezuelan opposition and Colombian ex-president Álvaro Uribe.

Last September, Rendón was accused of distributing via social networks a fake audio recording of the late president, Hugo Chávez, with the intent of causing the public to think that the Bolivarian Revolution’s leader was kidnapped, and that he had not died on March 5.

Translation mine. Linkage added.

So, it looks like our would-be Jedi master of the dirty arts is finally under an arrest order. The question now is, will Interpol act if they find him in a US airport…or a Mexican one…or a Honduran one…or wherever else the gringo puppetmasters in Miami and Washington see fit to deploy him?

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