Crapaganda douche sues Salvadoran president


Well, well. What have we here? Looks like our old pal, Jota-Jota, is not only a massive douchebag-o-crapaganda, but a mighty litigious greedhead, as well…

Juan José Rendón, advisor to the ARENA party, sued Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes for defamation in a Miami-Dade court, and demanded $100 million in damages, it was reported yesterday.

The lawsuit, case number 14-002756 CA 01, was presented by the firm of Choi & Menezes, LLP.

A Salvadoran government source rejected categorically the accusation that the president had committed any offence, then read out a document sent to Salvadoran authorities.

The source referred to a capture order to Interpol, by Venezuelan authorities, against Rendón, for rape.

“The president has not committed any offence, but has read out an official communiqué to the Salvadoran authorities, of an international order for the capture of J.J. Rendón,” said the source, who asked not to be identified.

Last night, Rendón, in conversation with La Prensa Gráfica, categorically denied that this capture order exists, and blamed it on a discreditation campaign by the Venezuelan government.

Meanwhile Funes, in an interview with the broadcast “Diálogo 21”, said: “J.J. Rendón, who is the chief advisor of the presidential candidate of the ARENA party, Norman Quijano, has an Interpol red alert out against him. This is not my invention, this is not a campaign.”

Later the president expanded on the details of fthe case, assuring that Rendón, a Venezuelan, sexually assaulted a woman in a Panama City hotel in August of 2013.

The legal action [of Rendón’s complaint] holds that “he [Funes] declared, among other falsehoods, that the complainant is a rapist. The accused made these false declarations, highly defamatory and prejudicial, with the intention of causing permanent and irreparable damage to the good name and reputation of the complainant.”


Last December, Rendón was embroiled in a Twitter war with Delcy Rodríguez, the Venezuelan minister of communications, who published the capture request to Interpol against Rendón.

Translation mine. Linkage added.

Jota-Jota is a fine one to talk about “discreditation campaigns”. Lest we forget, he has launched several such against the Venezuelan government, first under Chavecito and now, under Madurito as well. His latest outrageous lie is that Chavecito is still alive somewhere, kidnapped, instead of where he actually is: in the sarcophagus on the Flower of the Four Elements at the Mountain Barrack overlooking Caracas. He even had an actor impersonate the beloved late president in a faked phone call to Chavecito’s older brother, Adán, the governor of Barinas, who categorically denied that the voice on the recording was that of his brother. The purpose of that particular heap of bullshit? To cast doubt on the legitimacy of Madurito’s presidency. Of course.

Conveniently, Jota-Jota always rears his oily little head when there’s an electoral campaign on in Venezuela, or right after a resounding PSUV victory. The aim is always the same: to discredit the Chavistas by any means possible, and to sow doubt and unrest. So far, in Venezuela, he’s met with nothing but failure, despite all the obliging right-wing media outlets picking up every last lie he puts out there for them. Jota-Jota’s specialty is dirty tricks, and he works with the candidates hand-picked by old Cold War hawks in Washington and Miami, all over Latin America. He really is a fine one to sue for defamation, isn’t he?

Oh, and if he plans on suing me over this:


or this…


…I’ll be waiting right here, snickering. I seriously doubt that he could scratch up a case against li’l ol’ me, much less the president of El Salvador, for republishing an existing Venezuelan capture order.

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