Festive Left Friday Blogging: Ska-P, heroes


Spanish ska-punk group Ska-P are my heroes today. Why? Read on:

The Spanish group, Ska-P, sent a message of reflection not only to Venezuelans, but to their followers all over the world, about the situation in Venezuela. On their official Facebook page, they state that they “don’t want to insult, but to arrive at a point of reasoning with those who want to contribute something.”

“What is the opposition trying to do? Don’t they believe that behind this opposition is the oligarchy, privatization, the ownership of the country’s natural resources by big gringo and European corporations, the dismantling of sanity and public education, of pensions, etc.? It’s only a question, we hope that you will debate respectfully,” the band said.

The post received more than 4000 “likes” and has managed to open a debate on the subject, between Venezuelans living abroad, foreigners, and natives of the land.

As was hoped, the proposal received support, more than 600 users have left messages, some in favor of a foreign “intervention” in Venezuela, and others rejecting the brutal media war that some are trying to provoke.

Translation mine. Here’s the post in question:


Oh yeah, and they also rock the hell out of Bolívar:

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