Prettyboy Leo is (finally) under arrest


Opposition leader and former fugitive Leopoldo López (centre, foreground) walks into the Palace of Justice in Caracas, Venezuela. As you can see, he’s not handcuffed or being frog-marched; he surrendered himself to the police yesterday. The president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello (at left, in red) is with him, as are his father, wife, and lawyer. Here’s Aporrea’s account of how it all went down:

Leopoldo López entered the Palace of Justice with his spouse, father and attorney.

Under heavy security, he was transferred to the courts after surrendering himself to the officers of the Bolivarian National guard.

Security corps simulated a transfer to the airport at La Carlota to prevent his supporters from blocking the road to the courts.

There was a small group of persons in the zone who helped him enter. The media were not permitted to approach.

The side streets were heavily guarded by National Guard and Bolivarian National Police.

The Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, stated that in the hours to come, López would appear before the court, “with all his rights guaranteed”.

Translation mine.

Imagine that. And just yesterday, we heard Patricia Poleo whining that there is no right or guarantee of life in Venezuela! And now there’s Leo, who voluntarily surrendered to the police, and was protected by the National Guard, walking unhurt and unmolested through the halls of the nation’s courthouse, surrounded by family and legal representation, with no lesser personage than the National Assembly president, Diosdado Cabello himself, cordially accompanying him to make sure that all his rights are guaranteed. And the nation’s prosecutor-general herself, who is a very busy lady, has come out and said as much, too.

And there’s your oppressive, Soviet-era Venezuela, people. Wouldn’t it just make you bawl?

PS: And here’s Leo’s wife, ratifying to CNN that her husband was not harmed or disrespected in any way:

…in case there was ever any doubt.

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