Q. When do dictators become demonstrators?

A. When their gringo puppetmasters “ask” them to:


Yup, that’s Roberto Micheletti, whom you may recall as the putschist who ousted Manuel Zelaya in a military coup. So how did he end up there? Contrainjerencia has the story:

Honduran ex-dictator Roberto Micheletti joined the Venezuelan opposition in the Honduran industrial city of San Pedro Sula last Saturday.

There were 26 demonstrators, between ten Venezuelan families and Honduran friends who wanted to make known their opposition to the government of Nicolás Maduro.

The visible face of the military coup of June 28, 2009 in Honduras has an old sympathy for the putschist Venezuelan opposition. The “White Shirts” organization, composed of the illustrious Honduran oligarchy, which set plans in motion for the coup d’état months before it was executed by [Venezuelan] General Romeo Vázquez Velázquez, has played host several times in the capital [Tegucigalpa], inviting various leaders of the Venezuelan putschist movement, most of them now established in Miami, to wage a campaign in that central American country against the Bolivarian republic.

Even the famously bad singer, Maria Conchita Alonso, has been in Honduras, trying to inject optimism in her Honduran allies. Conchita’s brother is Roberto Alonso, who, in May 2004, concealed more than 150 Colombian paramilitaries, totally camouflaged, in his mansion on the outskirts of Caracas, with the intent of committing sabotage and murder among Venezuelans. Today, the Cuban-Venezuelan is “exiled” in Miami.

From the mouth of the distinguished putschist, Micheletti himself, we have also heard that the Israeli colonel, Yaacov Levi, was participating in the anti-Venezuelan demonstrations in San Pedro Sula. Levi is one of the “capacitators” of the new Honduran military-police command which debuted a few months before the general elections of November 24, 2013. The Command is known and reputed for its raids on the homes of leaders of the resistance, the LIBRE party [of Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, wife of the deposed president], and the popular and unionist movements of Honduras.

On the other hand, in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, only seven (7) Venezuelans demonstrated against the Maduro government in an international action called “SOS Venezuela”.

With friends and allies like that…

Translation mine.

I was going to list this on the weekly wankapedia, but then I decided that this was such a colossal wank that it deserved an entry all to itself. So there you have it.

And gee, all of 26 demonstrators in San Pedro Sula…and 7 in Tegucigalpa? Ha, ha, ha ha ha! Where I come from, that kind of numbers would be appropriate to an embarrassingly small neighborhood barbecue party. Not an “international solidarity movement”, which is what all this claimed to be.

Gee, all you people who reposted, reblogged and retweeted the “SOS Venezuela” craptag…don’t you feel stupid now? Because you sure smell that way to me.

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