The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 38


Pablo Victoria Wilches of Colombia’s Conservative Party (standing) and neo-fascists Lorent Saleh and Diego Cubillos (seated, in insets also). Strange bedfellows right-wing politics makes, no?

Howdy, folks, and welcome to this long-overdue update of VenOpIronía. Well, how about those peaceful oppos, always and forever being repressed by the iron boot-heel of the Chavista state? Only, of course, it’s not quite like that. We’ve already seen how bloody and violent they are; Dr. Dawg has already picked apart all the fake memes they’ve been circulating via the Internets. What’s left for me to blog today? Well, how about some actual fucking neo-Nazis…in Venezuela and Colombia?

Lorent Saleh, one of the promoters of the protests against Chavismo in Venezuela, along with his chief, Leopoldo López, has connections to the neo-Nazi organizations in Colombia.

The student has been one of the visible faces of the latest marches against the government of Nicolás Maduro.


The reports are founded in an investigation by journalist Gustavo Regules, published in El Espectador on July 21, 2013. It reveals the presence of Saleh at a public event organized by the fascist movement “National Alliance for Freedom”, along with Diego Cubillos, known as “The Comandante”, of Third Power, a neo-Nazi organization operating in Bogotá and other Colombian cities.

The event, which took place at the UDES university north of Bogotá, featured speeches by Colombian ex-congress member and Conservative Party presidential precandidate Pablo Victoria Wilches, and Lorent Saleh, representing the Venezuelan opposition.

“We are very concerned by what is happening in Colombia. What will happen if the Castro-Chavista forces consolidate here? I’m here to tell you that we need your support, and you need ours,” said Saleh, who is president of the non-governmental organization “Operation Freedom” in Venezuela.

Saleh is part of the most radical right wing in Venezuela. The staunch opponent of Chavismo has also referred to opposition leader Henrique Capriles as “timid and weak in the struggle they are fighting”, as we see in this video of another meeting in Bogotá, where Pablo Victoria was also present. There, Saleh rejects Capriles for not staunchly supporting the student protests in Venezuela.

Translation mine. Here’s the video in question:

And yup, it’s incriminating. Lorent Saleh, the little punk speaking, is telling the audience that the opposition has planned a coup d’état starting with trumped-up “protests” in the first half of January. He tells exactly how it’s going to go down, how it’s going to escalate into violence. PLANNED violence, planned by the opposition and carried out by its fascist youth arm — led by him, among others. It’s all designed for the express purpose of provoking a state crackdown. And yup, he shits all over Caprichito and Prettyboy Leopoldo López, too.

Such peace! Such unity! Such…um…gringos, why are you supporting these guys, again? Because these enfants terribles are your babies, carrying out YOUR imperial missions in the region. Are you not ashamed? HAVE you no shame?

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