The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 39


Hello again, and welcome to another lovely episode of VenOpIronía. Today, we get a glimpse of the true nature of opposition “patriotism” in Venezuela, and an indication of just how “free” their commercial media are, too. Pardon me while I lift this rock…

On Saturday, controversial journalist Patricia Poleo, by way of a letter to the White House, demanded that the United States government intervene militarily in Venezuela. This despite the well-known devastations wrought by the US army and NATO forces in countries where they have intervened in the last years, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Egypt, among others.

She wrote on her Twitter account, @PattyPoleo: “Let the US government know that the people of Venezuela need international intervention: …” .

The link sends a message in English to the White House, stating that “under the Maduro regime, thousands of persons have been brutally murdered,” and for that reason, calls on Venezuelans to sign on in support of US intervention.

“There is no guarantee or right to life,” says the journalist, in spite of the fact that the aggressions are promoted and executed by violent opposition groups who have been destroying the storefronts of Chacao for days, breaking windows and assaulting locals and drivers in the municipality without any police containment.

The journalist’s irresponsible declarations show the desperation of a political sector of the opposition, which is accustomed to firing up their supporters only to leave them high and dry later on, without assuming any responsibility for their own declarations.

Translation mine.

Once more, I refer you to these videos showing just what kind of supporters Patty the Putschist is firing up with her vile rhetoric and her phony petition. And so far, at least one the three dead in these incidents is a supporter of Madurito’s government. (Not, I hasten to add, that the opposition has any qualms about killing its own foot soldiers to advance the cause. They’ve done it several times before.)

Also, there’s the little matter of Patty being one of the intellectual authors of the assassination of Danilo Anderson, the Venezuelan prosecutor who was investigating the coup of ’02 when his own car was firebombed, along with another familiar face (and financier) of Venezuelan evil, Nelson “El Turquito” Mezerhane. If you sign her petition, you are signing on for fascism and imperialism, people.

Meanwhile, here are some more of Patty’s fine young followers in action…caught trying to torch a tourist hotel so that the government could be blamed for endangering foreign visitors:

On Monday night, guests, tourists, and staffers at the Hotel Venetur in the state of Mérida were besieged by a group of violent persons who attacked the building with rocks and bottles.

So said Leonel Matos, general manager of the hotel, during a phone call to the state TV channel, VTV, in which he stated that the armed groups were calling themselves “Students for Peace”.

“They attacked our guests, tourists and personnel with heavy objects, with rocks and bottles, they were yelling and threatening to burn the place down,” Matos denounced.

“We were able to relocate our guests, who were on University Avenue, far away from the danger, along with their cars,” he added.

Matos said that this is the third Venetur chain hotel to have been attacked by fascist groups, at an opportune time to “generate hatred and fear in the people of Mérida”.

He thanked the Bolivarian National Guard, as well as the regional police, who were able to dissuade the demonstrators.

Minutes before, the minister of tourism, Andrés Izarra, commented on Twitter: “Fascists are throwing rocks at the Hotel Venetur Mérida right now.”

Translation mine, again. Here’s Izarra’s tweet:


Ah yes, just some more peaceful oppo kids, being crushed by the evil, evil Bolivarian state. Call the White House, they’re being oppressed! Just like their billionaire bosses, who are still all out and on the loose.

Yup, Madurito’s Venezuela sure is a repressive place, all right!

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2 Responses to The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 39

  1. Nolan says:

    Speaking of the opposition, I was looking up some of the older stories on Leopoldo Lopez after this latest attempt to martyr him (I remember some good attacks from the late BoRev, shame I can’t find them), and I found one of your old articles on him:

    A few years later and the Venezuelan opposition still relies on the same guys, despite the fact that they are corrupt to the core and only care about democracy when it suits them. And people wonder why PSUV continues to get support.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yup. And it’s not just the oppos…it’s Washington too. They’re counting on the locals being even dumber than they are, and forgetting that these people have been discredited for years, and that no one supports them but the worst of the worst. Poleo, López, Mezerhane, etc., all are known criminals. Why would anyone from the lower classes put their neck through that noose and cry for them to bring the old system back? Especially since they’re all now literate and getting educations, thanks to that evil Chavecito. Now they know that there aren’t really shortages of food, toilet paper, etc. — they can read, they know what hoarding is, and they know exactly what’s going on.

      Shit, even back in 1989, before Chávez was even heard from, they weren’t fooled by merchants keeping stuff in the back rooms to drive up the prices. Maybe the Caracazo didn’t happen in the rich folks’ part of town, but it should have. That way, maybe, they’d finally get the hint that oligarchy-dressed-as-democracy isn’t going to cut it anymore.

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