Venezuela: National Assembly president reveals right-wing criminal connections galore

Diosdado Cabello has been a busy boy lately. Not only is he the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, he’s also a broadcaster with a weekly show on the public channel, VTV. And it was there that he dropped a big bunch of bombshells this week:

On Monday, the president of the Venezuelan national assembly, Diosdado Cabello, revealed a series of e-mails sent by political advisor Juan José Rendón and right-wing deputy María Corina Machado, revealing details about foreign support for destabilization plans against the national government.

On his weekly program Con el Mazo Dando, on VTV, Cabello showed a series of e-mails between Rendón and Ricardo Koesling, an anti-Castro Cuban, referring to connections between Colombian ex-president Álvaro Uribe Vélez and the violent actions of fascist groups in Venezuela during the last several days.

Rendón said to Koesling: “Remember that AUV (Uribe) supplies resources and subcontracts with the State [Department]. You do as he says, or we’ll be left holding the bag. For him, the ‘Half Moon’ (Venezuela’s Andean states, plus Zulia) and the rest of the country for Venezuela. It’s better than nothing. Anyhow, those states are practically Colombian. He’ll be president of Colombia and his mission, I presume, is to do away with this cancer of a regime (in Venezuela), starting with the illegitimate [Maduro]. This objective will be obtained with regime change by whatever means, but for now, the idea is to strengthen one of the two, Leopoldo [López] or Henrique [Capriles].”

He adds that “whatever the scenario, there is no way that one of the two won’t come out on top, preferably Henrique [Capriles], since L.L. (Leopoldo López) has shown himself to be very competent, but with a high chance that he will slip out of control.”

Cabello said that this was the confession to “a coup d’état against the country, under the thumb of the ‘paraco’ Uribe. Our country is at stake, this is no small thing.”

Then, the National Assembly president read out a message from right-wing parliamentarian María Corina Machado to lawyer Gustavo Tarre Briceño, which points to US intervention in the violence generated by fascist groups in Venezuela.

In the message, dated February 20, Machado says: “On the 22nd (of February), decent Venezuela will give a demonstration in the great march we have called. This government has got to go, any which way. Its own censure will cause it to fall […] We will follow the example Táchira gave, but we won’t abandon for one minute the call to the streets and for peace, that’s the advice and recommendation from our friends in the Department [of State, in the US]…”


Cabello also showed photos of a cache of weapons presumably belonging to retired general Ángel Vivas Perdomo, accused of instigating violence and guarimba tactics via social networks.

“He’s going to prison, but we won’t put the lives of his children at risk, as he has done,” said Cabello, recalling that Vivas was director of finance for ex-general Raúl Isaías Baduel, in prison for administrative corruption.

Cabello also denounced that Alejandro Márquez, who died on Sunday, was murdered by right-wingers.

“They themselves [meaning right-wing shock troops] killed him because he wouldn’t do the job they demanded,” said Cabello, going on to say that Márquez had received paramilitary training and later “was contracted as an assassin and part of his job was to kill the president, Nicolás Maduro.”

Cabello showed various photos of Márquez dressed in a paramilitary uniform and holding up “rifles with telescopic sights” while he was training in the United States.

Cabello named the suspects in the case: Osman Moya, Reinaldo Daza, Manuel Medina, Gabriel Villegas and Luis Fabián Medina Rodríguez.

“I have no doubt that among this group is the killer of Alejandro Márquez. We are looking for these men because we are under threat from mercenaries, assassins, contract killers. It’s sad that the Venezuelan opposition has come to this. This is not a free agent, he was contracted for a specific job. Nobody’s life matters to them,” Cabello said.

Cabello denounced that the right is contracting Álvaro Uribe Vélez, “enemy of peace in our country and the continent, to bring in assassins to kill people during guarimbas and [opposition] demonstrations, and later claim it was the government.”

Cabello informed that the Executive has started an investigation into the case of Jayssam Mokded, a mercenary arrested yesterday in Maracay, Aragua, to uncover the connections behind the terrorist actions he was planning to perpetrate in Venezuela. “We will get behind all of it, have no doubt,” Cabello said.

Translation mine.

So we can see that all the usual suspects are at play i this latest wave of “spontaneous” demonstrations which have turned violent, quite by intention on the part of the planners, with a little — okay, a LOT — of help from their “friends” in the US State Dept. We have MariCori, Prettyboy Leo, Majunche Capriles, Jota-Jota the Crapaganda Samurai, plus a crooked ex-general (Vivas) with connections to another (Raúl Baduel, who decided that money and property mattered more to him than the common good of the land, and who is now in prison for embezzlement.) One would think that they could at least dig up some fresh meat, but this is the best they can do.

And we can also see that the oppos are true to an old, old script, following the same strategy that worked so well for them in 2002: set up a media campaign to “prove” that the president is an unhinged tyrant*, stage “peaceful” demonstrations with the collaboration of corporate media, plant hired assassins in covert locations to pick off random people of all political affiliations, let it turn into a riot, blame the president, stage a coup, install a puppet “leader”, and call in the US Marines for backup.

They have no qualms about killing anyone, not even their own. After all, they want to divide up the land as spoils amongst themselves, and hand a big chunk of western Venezuela (rich in oilfields, among other things) to their and the State Dept.’s best buddy in the region — El Narco Uribe. By way of thanks for all his paramilitary help, no doubt…

What a pity for them that the average Venezuelan hasn’t forgotten the events of 2002, and isn’t fooled in the least by this latest variation on the old theme.

Meanwhile, dear “liberal” friends in the US of Amnesia who are still standing with these fascist coup-plotters and calling for “humanitarian” intervention…when will YOU remember, and start holding your elected officials (and your unelected spooks) accountable? After all, this is their baby too…and the blood is on you.

*How very touching that the same Chicken Noodle Network, which was recently kicked out of Venezuela for its part in spreading lies and right-wing crapaganda depicting Madurito as a lunatic, has sent a flunkey from its Spanish-language service to support the beleaguered putschist ex-general, Vivas. These birds of a feather all have a distinct whiff of carrion about them.

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