Venezuelan oppo fascists unmasked…again.

Jesus H. Christ. Can one not get a break from fucking putschists attempting coups in Venezuela? Nope, guess not:

Yesterday, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, presented three videos on a nationwide radio and TV broadcast that showed evidence of destruction and aggression committed by violent groups who participated in a mobilization organized by the right on February 12.

During a council of ministers in the Néstor Kirchner Room in Miraflores Palace, the president showed images in which one could observe young hooded men, causing damage and starting fires in Caracas and various states throughout the land, with Molotov cocktails and heavy objects.

He also demonstrated the intent of the national co-ordinator of the right-wing party “Voluntad Popular” (Popular Will), Leopoldo López, of generating these violent incidents which left three people dead and 66 injured.

In the videos, a journalist asks López, “When will this end?”, and the right-wing director responds: “When we succeed in removing those who are governing.”

Maduro also presented audio of a conversation of a former military chief of staff from the government of Carlos Andrés Pérez, Iván Carratú Molina, and the former Venezuelan ambassador to Colombia, Fernando Gerbasi.

On the tape, Gerbasi tells Carratú Molina that someone had called him, the same person who had alerted him that on April 11, 2002, that he should take care, that there would be deaths.

President Maduro stated that the sectors of the right have taken the path of violence before the calls to dialogue of the national government.

“I have set out the path of peaceful coexistence, the path of tolerance, of dialogue in diversity and of peace, but on your side, political directors of the opposition, the option of violence has arisen,” said the president.

Maduro also rejected the recent declarations of US senator Marco Rubio, who is linked to the Venezuelan fugitive, Luis Posada Carriles, who accused the national government of creating “a wave of unprecedented repression”.

“This is a script, the same as in 2002. They already assumed that on February 12, there would be deaths in Venezuela, and they had the accusation ready. According to him, the government is the party responsible for the deaths of the innocents yesterday,” said Maduro.


Maduro emphasized that they had “found clear and compromising documents of what has been the right wing’s plan for the past week.”

He also revealed that in investigations conducted by the authorities, it was determined that Juan Montoya and Basil Alejandro Da Costa were murdered with the same weapon.

He also revealed that Neider Arellano died after four men on motorcycles fired shots on Francisco de Miranda Avenue in Chacao.

Maduro said that “we are in the process of identifying them, they had very expensive bikes, of high horsepower, helmets and black jackets, like the fascist bands of 2002.”

Translation mine.

The events described in this excerpt can be seen in the video above. Here are some more pictures of those “peaceful” opposition student demonstrators which the crapaganda whore media up here insist on presenting as heroes of democracy and/or victims of government violence:

How many peaceful, innocent demonstrators do you know who whip Molotov cocktails through the air and burn police cars, or throw rocks through the windows of the Public Ministry buildings in the nation’s capital? Take a good look at them and tell me if you see anything that looks remotely like a peaceful demonstration being violently repressed, as the media up here are all claiming.

And those pictures are just from Caracas! Here are some from other parts of Venezuela, where violent oppos are also smashing and torching public buildings, and causing injuries (and no, I wouldn’t put murder past them, either):

Táchira, Aragua, Miranda…multiple Venezuelan states under opposition fascist siege. Do you see any police repression there? The young fascists torched five brand-new police cars, but so far, the culprits have yet to be arrested. Some fucking repression! And some fucking peaceful demonstrations.

So, dear “progressive” gringo readers, the take-home message from all these videos and photos and audio recordings is this: If you believe a word your commercial crapaganda media are telling you about Venezuela, and if you spread those lies around, you’re an idiot. You’ve been co-opted by fascists. And you have been made a fool…and a tool. Wake up and cut the crap.

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