Why the Venezuelan protests are doomed to fail, AGAIN


“I’m so proud of your peaceful work!” Silly señora, wake up and smell the cafecito…

So, you think the opposition protests are popular? You think they’ll succeed, and that gringo intervention will be welcomed? Think again. Survey sez…EPIC FAIL!

A survey by International Consulting Services (ICS) found that 85.3% of Venezuelans disagree with the protests mounted by sectors of the Venezuelan far-right.

These violent actions, which involve roadblocks, have caused damage to state institutions, destruction, and closures of public roads and services, as part of a putschist plan against the government.

Simón Córdoba, representative of the consulting firm, told VTV that the survey, conducted between February 17 and 24, also showed that 81.6% of Venezuelans consider the opposition protests to have been violent.

91.3% of those surveyed said that preservation of peace and democracy are “very important”, while 54.8% stated that democracy is guaranteed.

52.3% of respondents affirmed that freedom of expression in Venezuela is very well guaranteed, while 54.2% said that human rights are supported.

65.2% say that the actions of the police have been in line with the law.

The ICS survey reached 1400 homes, has a margin of error of 2.7%, and a reliability rating of 95%.

Translation mine.

So, to recap…4 out of 5 Venezuelans don’t believe those “peaceful” protests are peaceful at all, and don’t agree with those mounting them. That means that not only Maduro supporters, but a fair chunk of the opposition and those of no particular political affiliation are against what’s happening in the streets right now. A clear majority also think the police have been acting for the most part appropriately, and democracy and freedom of expression prevail in Maduro’s supposedly “fascist” land.

You can argue against it all you like, but the people have spoken. Venezuela will not be falling into the hands of the gringos or their puppets anytime soon.

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  1. Peter Lackowski says:

    Here are a couple more examples of the way the escualidos twist reality to cultivate hatred and rage within their own ranks.

    I was delighted to see a friend, William Camacaro, in the video from New York. We traveled with him in Venezuela. He is a wonderful, gentle man who is totally dedicated to the process for a new Venezuela, as he says in the video.

    Se creyeron que estaban en Altamira
    (VIDEO) Violencia opositora llega a Nueva York: Arrestada manifestante por agresión


    (VIDEO) Táchira: Video muestra que Jimmy Vargas murió accidentalmente al caer de una platabanda


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