Compare and contrast: Ukraine vs. Venezuela

The boys of VTV’s Zurda Konducta dissect a crapaganda campaign that seems to have gone viral (or tried to, in the case of Venezuela). See if you can spot the similarities:

Did you see it? Both “viral” videos feature a pretty young woman delivering a heart-wrenching (and obviously canned) speech about how corrupt and crooked and direly in need of foreign intervention her country is. Self-serving politicians! People starving to death! Evil cops beating the shit out of peaceful protesters! And all you need to do to stop this unmitigated horror is share this video and tweet inane hashtags at the world. Hey, it worked for Ukraine, let’s see if it works for Venezuela!

Except, of course, it didn’t work for Ukraine. The country is now divided up between a loose coalition of homegrown and foreign neo-fascists, and the Crimean parliament (did you know the region was autonomous?) has voted to flip Kiev the bird and rejoin Russia (did you know that Crimea was Russian before Nikita Khrushchev, a self-styled Ukrainian, decided to hand it over to Ukraine?) And Crimea, despite being under dispute, has seen no gunshots, no bloodshed…and indeed, nothing in the streets except people having tea and sandwiches with that oh, SO scary Russian army. While Kiev has been torched and trashed, Simferopol, Sevastopol and other Crimean towns are all quiet and calm, in stark contrast to the fascist horror that has eaten the western half of Ukraine.

And just think, that’s what some people also want for Venezuela. I’m not kidding. I’ve blogged before on how Álvaro Uribe, the former president of Colombia, is behind a large part of the destabilization campaign in Venezuela. It’s no coincidence that the western part of Venezuela, which borders on Colombia, is the real prize in this dispute. That’s where the big, rich Maracaibo oilfields lie. Uribe would like nothing better than to annex these for himself. And he’s got a handful of Venezuelan oligarchs with similar ambitions in his pocket, agitating for a separate “republic”. (Sound familiar?) For the price of a few hundred paramilitaries to co-ordinate guarimbas, stir shit in the streets, and wreak terror by snipe-shooting anyone who dares to oppose the destabilization campaign, Uribe’s right up in the game.

And, with a little help from Uncle Sam’s Mighty Wurlitzer, a Ukraine-style crapaganda campaign to enlist international support for the insupportable is just the ticket, eh?

But what am I saying? Pay no attention to that little man behind the curtain. People are starving! STARVING, I tell you!


See how hungry those poor widdle middle-class kiddies are? They’re being forced to eat imported Yankee junk food while setting out “miguelitos” (homemade spike belts) in the street to kill passing motorcyclists.

Gee, I think I’ll go retweet some dumb little #PrayForSOS hashtags now!

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