Festive Left Friday Blogging: Presidential selfies, LatAm style

Call them the anti-Kardashians. These are the people whose selfies we actually WANT to see, precisely because they’re not vapid and self-absorbed, seeking all the eyeballs all the time. They’re too busy doing great things for their countries. Like this guy here:


Yup, that cool dude is none other than Pepe Mujica, the president of Uruguay, playing a cameo role in a selfie by Ramón Farías, a Chilean parliamentary deputy, at the inauguration of Michelle Bachelet. Wrote Farías on his tweeter: “How are we with this little photo. With President Mujica. My idol.”

Here he is with Evo, “the president who didn’t want to be absent”:


Jeebus. Even those crappy little cellphone cameras can’t make Evo look bad. Nothing can.

And here’s another president who always looks amazing:


Rafael Correa…demonstrating how he came to be known here as El Ecuadorable.

And here’s Dilma:


Meanwhile, in Venezuela, another head of state was also getting in on the trend:


Yup, that’s Madurito, getting into it with Sean Penn…and the prime minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe. Glad to see him having fun, it’s been a rough month for him.

(Thanks to Anthony for alerting me to the Farías selfies. PS: Give Ramón Farías a follow on the tweeter, he follows back!)

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