High treason in the Venezuelan air force; three generals arrested

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro, addressing all of South America’s foreign ministers at the UNASUR summit today. He’s referring to these events from yesterday, in which three Venezuelan air-force generals were arrested for conspiring against the government.

It’s worth noting that all of UNASUR is behind Madurito, and that he’s repeatedly offered the opposition peace talks, all of which have been rejected. At this point, I think we can safely cut all the bullshit about “protests” and just call this month-long shitstorm what it really is: another coup attempt. Which is, mercifully, failing — and failing badly. The military was no doubt the putschists’ best hope, but the bulk of it is loyal to the government, and it shows in the fact that the traitors are now being captured. Madurito is finally getting down to brass tacks, and I have to say that he’s been awfully patient. Here in Canada, such “protests” wouldn’t have lasted a day.

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