Mofo Martinelli makes Madurito mad


Don’t ever make this guy angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Uh oh, somebody just put their foot in it big-time. That “somebody” being the president of Panama, and “it” being a coup d’etat that left crap all over Venezuela:

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced to the country that the Bolivarian Government has decided to break off political, diplomatic and economic relations with Panama, under the rule of Ricardo Martinelli.

During a memorial speech on the first anniversary of the death of Hugo Chávez, attended by heads of state, family members, activists and intellectuals at the Mountain Barracks in Caracas, Maduro revealed that Martinelli “has been working actively against Venezuela, creating conditions so that the Organization of American States and other organisms take a step toward intervening in our country.”

Maduro announced that the Panamanian foreign minister, Francisco Álvarez de Soto, was alerted “again and again” as to the intentions of Venezuela to break off relations, as a consequence of his “open conspiracy” against the people and the Bolivarian government.

“In the face of open conspiracy on the part of the Panamanian foreign minister, in the face of open conspiracy by the Panamanian government in the OAS, I have decided to break off political and diplomatic relations with the current government of Panama,” said Maduro, live on VTV.

As well, the national executive has decided to “freeze all commercial economic relations from the moment, in defence of the sovereignty of our land and of peace,” said the president.

“We will not allow anyone to meddle with impunity in our homeland,” Maduro emphasized, saying that Martinelli does not represent the great people of Panama, “the people of Omar Torrijos, the people among whom our Liberator was confronting conspiracies, the same as today.”

Venezuela is facing an ongoing coup d’état directed by political parties of the far right, financed by the United States. This plan includes a fierce campaign against Venezuela, with the participation of countries such as Panama, which is putting the pressure on diplomatically for an intervention in Venezuela.

Translation mine.

Meanwhile, the accused is playing innocent, quite unconvincingly:

The president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, said that he was surprised by the decision of the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro to break off relations with his country, according to his Twitter account.

“The Venezuelan government’s decision surprises me. Panama only wishes that this brother land find peace and strengthen its democracy,” wrote Martinelli in a brief message on the social network.

Again, translation mine.

Uh-huh…surrrrrre. That’s what they ALL say. All the putschists out rampaging in the streets are screaming that THEY want “peace” and “democracy” too…when they’re not howling for the blood of a leader elected by the majority of their fellow Venezuelans.

PS: Here’s the video of Madurito making the announcement.

Note the applause when he vows to break off relations. A popular decision? You better believe it.

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One Response to Mofo Martinelli makes Madurito mad

  1. Cort Greene says:

    Muy bueno..I think there are a number of countries this should happen too, including the USA.

    Cut off the oil, break all economic ties, expropriate the over 400 US companies and kick out many of the NGO’s who are nothing but a fifth column against the Bolivarian revolution and have been a long time. Trying to be friends with the US government is a waste of time and wrong because they will never give up trying to overthrow the revolution.

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