Opposition violence kills two more in Venezuela


A national guardsman’s motorcycle, torched by opposition thugs after the rider was assassinated by one of their snipers. Aporrea has the story:

Agnes López Lión, a sergeant of the Bolivarian National Guard, and a young mototaxi driver, José Gregorio Amaris Cantillo, died today as a result of gunshots to the head as they were gathering up debris left by groups of opposition vandals in Los Cortijos, in eastern Caracas.

The GNB officer “died after arriving at the Metropolitan Clinic,” according to Globovisión reporter Daniel Colina, via Twitter.

The news, first reported by citizens via social networks, was later confirmed by National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello.

“A motorcyclist was killed by a sniper when he was cleaning up a barricade, and a national guardsman was just assassinated in Los Cortijos,” Cabello denounced.

With these two deaths, the death toll of the recent violence in the land as of February 12 has reached 20. Cabello says that 72 persons remain in custody for promoting guarimbas.

“The motorcyclist was gathering up debris and the national guardsman also. Both dead of a single shot from a sniper on a building(…)A group of motorcyclists stopped to collect garbage and they were shot at,” said Cabello, adding that the person who shot the national guardsman in Valencia has been identified.

“He is a murderer. He will get 30 years in jail…almost certainly they will capture him,” Cabello affirmed.

“They are assassins, terrorists…it is a coup d’état against our land.”

In Los Cortijos, a mob of oppositionists chanting slogans burned Sgt. López’s motorcycle, after he was shot.

Following the incident, a great many National Guard members were sent to Los Cortijos, and their presence unleashed a torrent of opposition messages on the social networks, accusing the government of violating human rights and private property.

As is already the custom in the last two weeks, communicational activists of the opposition on the social networks have accused “the collectives”, meaning government sympathizers, and the government itself, of having caused the violence.

The dangerous guarimbas, combined with “wires of death”, have caused several fatalities and maintain a situation of virtual sequestration, violating the right of free transit, to thousands of families in various middle-class areas governed by opposition mayors, who passively permit and support these actions.

Translation mine.

So, once more, we see just how “peaceful” and “nonviolent” those huggable Venezuelan oppos are. And how they are all just totally to be trusted with the running of their country…straight into the ground.

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