Putschist Venezuelan mayors, all you can eat!

And what have we here, this fine morning? Why, just another right-wing Venezuelan mayor, revealing that Frau Becker, like Herr Kafka, is not paranoid. They really ARE out to get Madurito, and they’re even willing to kill their own to do it:

A previously unseen and puzzling video demonstrates that Ramón Muchacho, the mayor of Chacao, is behind violent actions by hooded thugs in the guarimbas and barricades which have caused damage, destruction, human victims, and fear in his jurisdiction in the last few weeks, and in which he confesses that the violent “protests” were not so people could buy Harina Pan [corn flour], but “so the government leaves.”

The images were caught by residents of Chacao who attended the so-called “assemblies” convened by the mayor, while from February 12 onwards, there were violent actions which destroyed public property, urban buildings, units of the Caracas metro transportation system, attacks against residents and passers-by, injuries to members of the police, closures of roads, stringing of decapitation wires, causing death and generalized panic.

The video was broadcast during the meeting of Bolivarian governors and mayors called by President Maduro, who explained that this video was just a small sample of the large volume of documentary, photographic, and audiovisual material which residents submitted to the Revolutionary Government to unmask the irresponsible mayor.

Maduro recounted that the Plaza Altamira, a redoubt of guarimbero fascists, was recuperated by public forces, rehabilitated by the Mayoralty of Caracas in solidarity, and handed over to Mayor Muchacho so that he would maintain it free of fascists.

Maduro warned Muchacho that these powerful pieces of evidence of his fascist conduct have been placed before the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ). He added that if Muchacho continues along these irresponsible lines, the Executive will take action.

Translation mine.

We already know that yesterday, one putschist mayor was (finally) arrested. There are more where he came from, so to speak. They may be scattered here and there, but they all seem to be singing from the same fascist hymnal. They forget that while they have the mind-set that their towns are their own private fiefdoms, the law of the land says otherwise. And here’s Madurito again, laying it out very succinctly and in no uncertain terms:

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, commented on Thursday that he would not accept any more violent actions in the land, for which reason he assured that any “mayor who goes astray will have to face the law.”

The announcement came during a meeting between the president and governors and mayors of the PSUV, after it was announced that elections would be called in the municipality of San Diego, in the state of Carabobo, following the arrest of local opposition mayor Vicencio Scarano, who supported the guarimbas.

“They don’t want elections, but they will have them, because that municipality is one where normally, the opposition sector wins 70 percent. Let’s see if they can elect one who’s not a fascist.”

Translation, again, mine.

Well, Madurito’s nothing if not a hopeful democrat. He still thinks they have it in them to elect someone who, though in opposition, is not fascist. I sadly fear that all of the opposition has gone over to fascism at this point. But at least he’s not hesitating to hold them accountable, and to put on trial any mayor found in violation of the law of the land. Washington won’t like it, but who cares what Washington thinks? Venezuela stopped being their backyard a long, long time ago.

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