The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 42

Video from the popular VTV show, Zurda Konducta, showing just how serious the opposition youth really are about their “demonstrations” and the objectives thereof. “Really, we have nothing planned,” says the first kid. “All we want is to topple the government.” The second one, in a barrage of beeped-out bad language, says he doesn’t give a shit for elections. There’s a bunch of them holding up traffic, keeping workers from their jobs, and generating nothing but ill-will. There’s a whole lot of others, babbling various inanities, but they all seem very vague about everything except their contempt for Madurito…and democracy.

And not just for him. The commercial media, their own faithful allies, have come under attack, as one of them tweeted from the putschist hangout at Altamira:


Reading in chronological order, from bottom to top, the tweets say:

“And now the guarimberos of Altamira are hitting @fortunecris and the rest of the press who tried to save him from getting beaten.”

“AFP, EFE, Reuters, Cadena Capriles, Bloque Dearmas, ALL attacked by those we have photographed for the past 3 weeks of protests.”

“All of us from the press are leaving the demonstration in Altamira. There was no way of mediating between the punches and the irrational screams.”

“They protest for freedom of expression and no censorship, and they hit photojournalists for NO REASON? Where is the coherence?”

“I told one of those who attacked us, ‘Buddy, you’ve been watching us for 3 weeks!’ and he replied, ‘Gimme the camera, bitch.'”

“To leave Luis Roche Ave. a group had to turn around by La Floresta and others at Bello Campo to get out without being attacked.”

“We didn’t want to leave. You, demonstrators, kicked us out with violence. You yourselves will be left alone.”

Translation mine.

Smooth move, guys, kicking out your own propagandists. Where’s the coherence, indeed.

And then there’s this lovely bit of peacefulness and pro-democracy:


A map showing which spots the guarimber@s were planning to use for their road-trashing “demonstrations”. As you can see, they all correspond to major routes in and out of Caracas. Funny coincidence that, no?

And finally, isn’t it ironic that a bunch of “peaceful” Venezuelans who are always and forever protesting how their country has been taken over by Cuba…are being led themselves by Robert Alonso, a demented and quite unhinged old (ex-)Cuban?

Gosh, he sounds on the verge of a cerebral hemorrhage, there.

And just think, folks, that great intellectual of Hollywood, Jared Leto, supports these people — and those OTHER fascists, the Ukrainians and foreign Nazis who stirred shit on the Maidan.

Makes you really hopeful for humanity, doesn’t it?

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