The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 43

‘Evening, folks, and welcome to another installment of VenOpIronía. Tonight, we puncture a few myths that the oppos have been trying very hard to sell the world. First up, the idea that these demonstrations are popular, and that it’s humble students rising up:


Translation: “Guarimbas have been moved to shopping malls since they failed in the streets. They’re all alone…”

Second — and this one comes with a trigger warning for violence — the myth that they are just peaceful and non-violent, and protesting an unjust and “illegitimate” president:

Yes, that’s right…they’ve killed two more people, both of them from the poor folks’ part of town. This is why the guarimbas are failing in the streets. Remember, over 80% of Venezuelans disagree with these violent blockades, which serve no purpose except to disrupt daily life, enable corrupt opposition mayors (yes, that’s an irony, considering that the punks you see there claim they’re protesting against corruption on the part of Madurito et al), and result in the deaths of innocent persons who are either just trying to pass through, or trying to clean up the oppos’ vast amounts of trash.

And finally, here’s a little something to put en end to the foolish notion that these people are in any way patriotic:

Buoyed by the coup d’état in Ukraine that propelled fascists and even neo-Nazis to power, politicians of the most rancid South American far-right are at the front of a putschist conspiracy against Venezuela, which is trying to take advantage of yet another wave of violence to gain power. Headed by Adrián E. Oliva, president of the right-wing Democratic Parliamentary Alliance for Latin America (APDA) and member of UNOAMERICA, along with Venezuelan opposition deputy María Corina Machado, associated with Leopoldo López, the plot depends on millions of dollars from the US National Endowment for Democracy.

Oliva and Machado are trying to add right-wing parliamentarians to their destabilizing objectives in Venezuela and continue to support governments, members of parliaments and regional NGOs, which they pressure, under the false pretext of “human rights”, against the Bolivarian government in order to eventually promote the establishment a “transition” government in Venezuela.

Oliva, Machado, and the Argentine opposition deputy Cornelia Schmit, are in talks with Argentine and Colombian deputies to organize an APDA summit with the proposition of discussing the Venezuelan situation and to develop their plan to support the opposition for the toppling of the government of Nicolás Maduro.

They are trying to organize a delegation or commission of legislators of the Latin American far-right, signatories of APDA or not, to travel to Venezuela at a moment coinciding with new waves of opposition violence, to put out a call from Caracas to the international community for the formation of a “transition” government. Simultaneously, they purport to be “mediators” in the Venezuelan crisis for the formation of said government. The real intentions, of course, are to foment a coup d’état in the land.

Among the proposed “mediators”, aside from APDA, will be UNOAMERICA, the organization of those nostalgic for Plan Condor, the pseudo-NGO “Human Rights Foundation”, known for its participation in an assassination attempt against the president of Bolivia, and the paramilitary network belonging t Colombian ex-president Álvaro Uribe.

The “social” function of APDA is to back up and “legtimize” the coup attempts, assassinations, and violence currently afoot in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and other progressive countries of the region. It is no coincidence that this supposed “alliance” was created just before the beginning of 2012, an election year in Venezuela, thus evidencing its objectives of discrediting the Bolivarian Revolution.

Oliva’s projects include starting a support campaign for Leopoldo López, similar to that begun by terrorist Alejandro Peña Esclusa, allying itself to him and seeking leadership on the right.

The biggest representative in Venezuela of UNOAMERICA, Peña Esclusa was arrested in Caracas with 900 grams of C-4 explosive and detonators, after beingn denounced by a Salvadoran, Francisco Chávez Abarca, a specialist trained in the use of the explosive by Cuban-American terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Foundation is a creation of the CIA, headed by a known agent, Thor Halvorssen, who, not coincidentally, is closely related to Leopoldo López. He was an accomplice in the failed coup against Bolivian president Evo Morales, in 2009. The Bolivian office of Halvorssen’s fake NGO was directed from Miami by the Cuban-American terrorist Armando Valladares, also linked to the CIA, and a member of Luis Posada Carriles’ circle of friends.

Oliva and his group are also trying to use the destabilization of Venezuela to revive opposition forces in the governments of Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and other progressive nations in the region.

APDA, and its representative, Oliva Alcázar, are “protected children” of the far right of the US Senate and Congress. Their financing comes from the NED and USAID via UNOAMERICA, which has been repeatedly accused due to its CIA ties and which, at the same time, supplies money for the projects, trips and events of APDA.

Oliva learned terrorism and subversion from Hugo Acha Melgar, a Bolivian fugitive who financed terrorism in the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz during the failed coup of 2009, and its also associated with Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Foundation.

Acha Melgar showed Oliva “the Washington money trail” and the ways of getting funding for his own benefit. He also taught him that the North American trafficking in denunciations for false human rights violations in countries inconvenient to the US is one of the most lucrative, and above all, if they are against ALBA countries.

In Bolivia, Oliva’s desperate protagonism has been more damaging for his career, now that his intention of positioning himself as leader of the Bolivian right before Europe and the US has caused all the opposition to turn their backs on him. This, along with constant denunciations of embezzling of funds, specifically used to pay for the services of prostitutes, is still the scandalous talk of the Hotel Savoy in Buenos Aires, where he refused to pay one of them for her services.

The level of mobilization and organization of the regional ultra-right against the democratically elected government of Venezuela is only possible with the multimillion-dollar financing of the US and big economic interests linked to the right, which is earmarked for dirty war against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Translation mine. Linkage added.

So, once more, we see a lot of familiar names and usual suspects cropping up in this scheme. These people don’t give a tinker’s damn about the common good of the people who elected the governments they violently oppose. And since none of them are the least bit electable, they are turning to terrorism to undermine democracy. If that isn’t the most killing irony of all, I don’t know what is.

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