The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 45


A hooded opposition “protester” in Puerto Ordaz, mocking a local man who was tied up and abused for trying to clean up an illegal barricade on the street. As you can see, the victim is bound with steel wires, the same that have been used to kill several motorcyclists from poor and predominantly pro-government neighborhoods. There it is, for all you doubters…your peaceful, democratic, law-abiding Venezuelan opposition!

And here’s some more of that, too:

The Venezuelan opposition uses paramilitary terrorism as a new means of doing politics, and in these moments, the security bodies of the state are conducting raids and detentions of a paramilitary coup [gang] which came supplying armaments, revealed a deputy of the National Assembly, Andrés Eloy Méndez, on Tuesday.

During an interview with VTV, Méndez said he had all the proofs of this paramilitary group, which has provided weapons to snipers, as well as “hunting” rifles to assassinate civilians and military members, in his hands to show them to the country.

Méndez also revealed that the home of Carlos Yáñez, “jokeologist” of RCTV, had been raided for this reason, in the sector of Prados del Este in Baruta, Miranda. It was a centre of fabrication for clandestine weapons for paramilitary snipers, he said.

Méndez played back an audio in which Yáñez, alias “Camión” (“Truck”), spoke with Luis Raúl Ramírez over new terrorist plans, trafficking and adulteration of weapons, fabrication and distribution of lethal armaments, to the barricades and guarimbas.

“This country is facing a terrorist organization, paramilitary, co-ordinated by the violent opposition, which has participated in the recent violent events our land has lived through, which have left 36 dead to date,” said Méndez.

The minister of Communication and Information, Delcy Rodríguez, released the video of the conversation revealed by Deputy Méndez.

Translation mine.

Here’s Andrés Eloy Méndez, showing all the proofs:

And here’s the incriminating conversation in question:

But what am I saying? Everyone knows that the Venezuelan oppos are nothing but a peaceful student movement with no outside ties or ulterior motives beyond freedom and democracy, right? RIGHT???

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  1. brojo says:

    Thank you for posting the photo of the hooded protester and his victim. The children of Venezuela’s bourgeoisie are protesting to return to the times when they could express their aggression against the majority of peasants openly. They think it is the only way to secure their privileges.

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