The truth about Venezuela

Who’s gonna make this go viral? Because we all should.

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One Response to The truth about Venezuela

  1. Peter Lackowski says:

    The guarimbas continue in Táchira, it seems, where they have become a business, charging a toll of 500 Bolivares just to use a public street.

    Just to give an idea of how lucrative it is: The minimum wage is now Bs 3,270 per month, or Bs 4,408 when food tickets of Bs 1,138 are included. One of the higher priced dinners in a very nice restaurant costs about 250 bolivares. A night in a hotel equivalent to mid-range North American motel costs about 650 Bs.

    The US government and the corporate media have made it clear that they consider these activities to be “peaceful student protests,” and that they are legitimate expressions of opinion. Maybe US students should turn to this practice as a way of paying off their student debts.

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