Who is paying Venezuela’s putschists?

Video from Diosdado Cabello’s VTV show, in which the minister of justice talks about recent putschist activities in the state of Táchira, western Venezuela. Here’s the basic gist:

Guarimbero groups captured in Altamira, in the state of Miranda, where there have been violent demonstrations for more than 20 days, confessed to the authorities that they had been paid 5,000 bolivars a week by the Voluntad Popular party to keep up protests in the zone.

So said the minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres, on the VTV program, Con el Mazo Dando, hosted by the president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello.

It bears mentioning that the oppositio party in question is that of Leopoldo López, currently in prison for various crimes.

Days before, the foreign minister, Elías Jaua, made public the proofs that confirm the participation of the United States in the financing of paramilitary groups in Venezuela, trained to generate violence.

Torres assured that the active participation in the protests on the part of Daniel Ceballos, the mayor of San Cristóbal, capital of the state of Táchira, is no secret to the authorities.

Translation mine.

I blogged on this earlier, so yeah, it’s no secret. Ceballos is a nasty piece of putschist work.

Meanwhile, who do you suppose could be behind all that? Jean-Guy Allard has a few ideas…

In the country which keeps Cuba on its infamous list of “terrorism sponsors”, during the last decade, a worrisome number of Venezuelans have met who have been tied to terrorist acts, from accomplices in the murder of Venezuelan prosecutor Danilo Anderson, to military officers accused of assaulting diplomatic installations.

All are in permanent contact with the terrorist mechanism created and maintained in Miami for decades by the CIA in the Cuban-American community.

Juan José Rendón, a so-called political advisor characterized by his absolute lack of scruples, has played counselor to Henrique Capriles Radonski and Álvaro Uribe, in his most immoral strategies, as well as the extreme right of Central America in Honduras and El Salvador, famous for their crimes and their servility to Washington.

The publication of the exchange of messages between Rendón and Ricardo Koesling, a Cuban-Venezuelan who for decades has moved in the orbit of Cuban-American terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, came just a few days before a violently anti-Chavista speech by the old CIA agent in a Miami college.

In a YouTube video, the “Miami Bin Laden” can be seen speaking at Miami-Dade College, saying that he will fight in any scenario, “including Venezuela”.

In his message to Koesling, Rendón speaks on behalf of Álvaro Uribe, right-wing ex-president of Colombia, known for his singular ties to both Washington and the paramilitaries. “He’s the one who sends resources and information from the States,” Rendón tells his interlocutor.

The exchange demonstrates clearly that the United States is behind the destabilization plans against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro and the planned annexation of part of Venezuela to Colombia — as expounded by Uribe.

Even though he is under an Interpol capture order by request of Venezuelan justice, Rendón lives in Miami, with the full knowledge and protection of the immigration authorities and the FBI.

The relationship between Posada and Koesling recalls the epoch when the terrorist directed the repressive operations of the DISIP [secret police] in Caracas, where he immortalized his stay with repugnant acts in torture sessions, notably of women.

In the Venezuelan political police, under Carlos Andrés Pérez, the CIA agent of Cuban origin tortured and “disappeared” dozens of young rebels, with such accomplices as Henry López Sisco and Joaquín Chaffardet, noted collaborators of the CIA, who remain to this day part of their mafia, benefiting from the generosity of the State Department.

Koesling was one of the perpetrators of the attack on the Cuban embassy in April 2002, along with Henrique Carpiles and his “fellow traveller”, Leopoldo López.

The Venezuelan putschists cannot tolerate Cubans who wear white doctors’ coats, but adore them when they go around with explosives. In the assassination of Danilo Anderson, it has been proven that the technique used in the making of the bomb was identical to that taught for decades by Luis Posada Carriles.

Héctor Pesquera, former FBI chief of Miami, was denounced as an accomplice in the crime, along with the aforementioned Venezuelans.

In his book, The Paths of the Warrior, where Luis Posada Carriles details the support that helped him flee prison in Venezuela on August 18, 1985, the terrorist repeatedly cites a partner of Koesling, the “unconditional Paco”, Francisco Pimentel, a Venezuelan businessman of Cuban origin. Today, Paco is part of the Venezuelan court of Posada in Miami, which he frequents assiduously along with known CIA collaborators and Venezuelan ex-military officers.

As well as Koesling, Paco is in constant communication with other veterans of the connection now working with Rendón: Salvador Romaní, another assailant of the Cuban embassy, and Pepe Vázquez, ex-DISIP torturer. It is known that, in late February 2009, Posada and another known terrorist, Ángel de Fana Serrano, showed themselves with Venezuelan putschists headed by Patricia Poleo, a fugitive from Venezuelan justice in the Anderson case. There, there were none other than those who hailed Pedro Carmona in the coup d’état of 2002: Army colonel Gustavo Díaz, Lieutenant José Antonio Colina Pulido, terrorist and self-proclaimed local Venezuelan “leader”, and the ex-commissar of the DISIP, Chaffardet.

The archives show how in the home of Chaffardet, in Caracas, material related to the attack on the Cuban civilian airliner, destroyed in flight in 1976, was found.

Poleo, daughter of millionaire editor Rafael Poleo, put down roots in Miami and colaborates in every operation launched in Venezuela at the initiative of the US embassy in Caracas.

Despite denunciations, the FBI continues to look the other way, as it has done on multiple occasions when it came to criminal activities by the bosses of the Cuban-American mafia.

The framework in which Rendón operates leaves no room for doubts. He is conspiring toward the eventual commision of terrorist acts. In the same country which uses the fight against terrorism as an accomplice for its interfering aggressions in the entire world.

However, the FBI once more twiddles its thumbs in the face of the evidence, and permits the development of a terrorist plot which, given the desperation of Álvaro Uribe, María Corina Machado, Leopoldo López and their ilk, will sooner or later lead to more attacks and murders.

The responsibility for such crimes must fall on the US authorities, who generate and pay for the violence in Venezuela from their own territory, “justified” by falsehoods spread by their global disinformation network.

Translation mine.

So there you go. Just all of the usual suspects, and shit. Ho hum. Move along, folks, nothing to see here!

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