Chile: Loco — er, LOCAL pastor blames gays for fire


“Chile under punishment!” For what, you ask? Well, according to one local preacher-man, for even contemplating letting same-sex couples live like any other couple:

Incredibly, and taking advantage of the terrible tragedy in Valparaíso due to the fire, not only politicians and pseudo-analysts have come out to comment in an inopportune manner. Now, no less than a religious “pastor” has joined in.

“Javier Soto Ch Pastor Misionero”, as he likes to call himself, has attributed this tragedy and others to a “DIVINE PUNISHMENT” for seeking rights for homosexuals, such as the AVP (Acuerdo de Vida en Pareja, “Couple Life Accord”). According to him, [this was] announced in a prophecy.

So Soto, with no possible logic other than his deviant mind, called for Chile to reject the AVP or “else, this will follow” (namely, catastrophes).

Translation mine. BBC link added; others as in original.

Here are some of Pastor Loco’s “thoughts” on the Valparaíso fires:


“Let’s tell VALPARAÍSO
‘this is God’s grace, God’s love, God’s prosperity’

The picture quotes Solomon 94:10: “He who punishes nations, will he not rebuke?”


“The order is: Put an end to the ‘AVP’ project. Or else this will follow…
“Romans 1:18: ‘For the wrath of God manifests itself from heaven against all impiety and injustice of those men who unjustly withhold the truth.'”

I will hereby note that in Canada, we’ve had fully legal same-sex marriage for almost a decade now, and our capital cities have NOT burned down. And all those queer couples who got married? Living totally normal lives, just like everyone else. No divine punishment in sight; nothing but the intermittent moanings of public nuisances like Charles McVety and a few others. (Who are duly ignored.)

Meanwhile, how do we know that those who perished in the Valparaíso fire are all LGBT? We don’t…and in fact, it’s far more likely that they are not. If this is God’s unfailing punishment on the queers for going up against Divine Will, wouldn’t God be, you know, a little bit more precise in the aiming of those divine firebombs?

If I were that pastor, I’d be a bit more judicious about flinging the words of notable misanthropes like Saul of Tarsus around and passing man-made prejudice off as the word of God. Never mind trying to link it to civil laws ensuring equal rights for everyone…even those as queer as God made them.

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One Response to Chile: Loco — er, LOCAL pastor blames gays for fire

  1. Acartia says:

    Unfortunately, nuisances like Charles McVety are not ignored enough. He still manages to get some media attention, although he has now largely been limited to talking on radio and TV shows hosted by other nuisances.

    I am surprised that McVety has not managed yet to blame the recently lost aircraft on the LGBT community.

    Every year that passes without any of the dire consequences that McVety warned everyone about if same sex marriage was legalized, moves him further and further to the outer edges of the lunatic fringe. And it can’t come soon enough.

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