Peace and order restored in Mérida


So, how’s that coup going in Venezuela? Not so well for the putschists, ha ha:

Security corps have restored calm to the Venezuelan state of Mérida, following a spate of far-right violence dating back to last February, according to the Minister of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres.

“Mérida is liberated. Our Bolivarian National Guard will guarantee the right of free transit to its citizens. We want peace,” wrote the minister on his Twitter account, @RodriguezT_MIJP.

In another message, Rodríguez wrote: “There has been a tremendous effort on the part of our GNB officers to return peace to the city of Mérida.”

Rodríguez Torres congratulated the commanding general of the GNB, Justo Noguera, and the Bolivarian National Police “for their excellent work in re-establishing order in Mérida”.

The minister stated that “opposition radicalism has brought environmental and social disaster to this beautiful city.” Later he reflected: “This is how they try to gain power.”

Extortion, homicides, kidnappings and undue use of firearms stand out in the list of crimes perpetrated by the vandal groups who were operating in the sectors of El Rodeo, El Campito, and Cardenal Quintero, in the Libertador municipality of Mérida.

On April 25, Major-General Justo Noguera announced that more than 2,000 members of the GNB were active in the region to guarantee peace there.

To date 41 people have been killed, between February 12 and April 21, 2014. They were victims of violent blockades, traps set by the opposition, obstacles, and coups de grâce executed by terrorists.

Also, 5,000 trees were cut down indiscriminately, and damage was done to infrastructure and public property, causing losses totalling approximately $10 billion.

Translation mine.

All that death, all that wasted money, and what has it accomplished for the opposition? Nada. Zippo. Zilch. Bupkus. Madurito is still firmly in power, and democracy isn’t about to bow to terrorism. Or imperialism.

And those of you in the northern hemisphere supporting these violent so-called “protests” — don’t you feel like idiots now?

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