Quotable: Bill Maher on changing times


I don’t agree with Bill Maher on everything, but he’s spot-on here, as far as his analysis goes. Purchasing power has been so eroded that North Americans are turning into virtual serfs. Living wages? What are THOSE? Increasingly rare, if not impossible, to make if you’re working class…and the middle class, created by fair pay and progressive taxation, is doing a fast disappearing act, too. A pity Bill’s not quite connecting the dots to the fact that the rich are getting off scot-free when it comes to taxes, as well as the obscene profits they’re pulling in thanks to the increasingly low wages they’re paying the people who actually make their money for them. Without social services, any wage is bound to be too little…unless, of course, you’re a 1%er, in which case you’re making way too much even as you sleep.

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