The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 49

Remember this video? Remember how Ramón Muchacho, the mayor of Chacao, was all for the putsch just a few short weeks ago?

Well, that was then. This is now, and Ramoncito Muchachito is suddenly against what he used to be all for. And no less than the president of the land has made a very pointed note of it:

On his show, “in Contact With Maduro”, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, revealed that the mayor of Chacao, Ramón Muchacho, sought the government’s help to solve the problem he created, and carry out the raids which took place early Monday morning in the municipality.

“There are the people of Chacao, suffering so much that mayor Ramón Muchacho made some puzzling political declarations. He’s been nominated for the Guinness world record for most confusing statements by a mayor in many years. He said he doesn’t understand why the people are protesting. But he promoted that,” said Maduro.

“I’m very worried about the families living in Chacao, who have been victims of their own mayor, who is irresponsible and belongs to these violent groups,” the president said.


Maduro recalled how in declarations recorded by the residents of Chacao, Muchacho stated that “It’s only a matter of weeks before the government falls”.

“We have had to go and resolve, by request of Ramón Muchacho, the problem he created, because the raids carried out today — Tuesday — were in collaboration with the Chacao Police and the Bolivarian National Police to protect the locals who want to live in peace,” added Maduro.

The minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres, explained that the capture of 9 vandals was possible thanks to an intelligence operation carried out over some 20 days, in which videos and recordings were seized that made the raids possible.

“We have advanced in terms of security” after detecting the presence of armed groups in the Santa Fe area in Baruta, in the state of Miranda, said the president.

In Chacao, authorities are still on the trail of 15 citizens. “They will go behind bars. Let them not think they can make a mockery of the law,” warned President Maduro.

Translation mine.

So yesterday’s raids must be more than a little embarrassing to the Muchacho in question. And more than a little funny to the Bolivarians, who at least get something to chuckle about, what with all this 180-degree opposition spinning and all.

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