Colombia: Uribe’s party bound to lose, vows not to recognize election results


“Just ask Uribe, I’m in favor of peace…spying in peace, hacking in peace, and lying in peace!”

If you ever wonder where the Venezuelan fascists got their attitudes from, look no further than across the border, in Colombia. There, a similar attitude toward peace processes prevails on the Colombian far-right…and specifically, in the party of a certain ex-president, currently a senator, and still heavily under suspicion as a paramilitary narcotrafficker and notorious little thug:

After elected senators of the Democratic Centre Party warned that the upcoming election “does not give them confidence”, thanks to previous results in parliamentary elections, the minister of the Interior, Aurelio Iragorri, rejected these assertions and said that all due process would be guaranteed.

“This is an absolutely unacceptable occurrence — a statement from any politician that if he wins the elections he will recognize the election results, but if he loses he won’t recognize the results,” Iragorri said.

Iragorri added that these statements seek to “delegitimize the electoral process and the results of the same.”

“All due processes will be guaranteed for all political parties participating with candidates in these elections, so that people can vote in a free and transparent manner, and without any type of pressure,” he assured.

Vice-presidential candidate Germán Vargas Lleras had already threatened, in an interview with Vanguardia Liberal, that the Democratic Centre party was “preparing” to not recognize the election results.

Translation mine.

So you can see that right off the bat, Uribe’s little putschist party (laughably called the Democratic Centre, although it’s antidemocratic and far-right) is singing off the same sheet as the Venezuelan right, the same that’s currently trying (and still failing) to oust a legitimate, elected president, as well as his fellow partisans on numerous governmental levels. If the election goes their way, they’ll recognize the results, but if not — and indications are clear that it won’t, because who wants thugs in office? — then they’ll cry fraud and throw screaming tantrums.

At this rate, don’t anyone be surprised if guarimbas come to Colombia…brought back across the border from where those same Colombian thuggies are currently waging them at the behest of certain Venezuelan right-wingers, of course.

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