The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun…

…is a good guy with a lasso:

In case you can’t see the video, here’s the basic gist:

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, deputies said that 25-year-old Celestino Moras showed up drunk at a rodeo in Bartow County on Sunday, and was asked to leave because he was not invited to the event.

The property owner told WSB-TV that Moras pulled out a pistol and opened fire, leaving three shot.

When Moras ran out of bullets, one of the rodeo cowboys reportedly lassoed him. Moras was then beaten by other guests, who tied him up until deputies arrived.

Authorities said that two people were shot in the lower body, and one person was shot in the neck. However, WSB-TV reported that “the three wounded guests suffered only minor injuries and were treated and released from local hospitals.”

A fourth person suffered cuts on the hand from a knife.

Moral of story: Never bring a gun to a knife fight at the OK Corral. Or something like that.


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    I have sometimes noticed that an article that attacks Maduro or Chavismo in the New York Times will suddenly shoot up to the top of the “most emailed” list. This definitely makes that article more visible and also keeps it alive far longer. I wonder if this guy’s firm does the work to make that happen.

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