Future queen’s aunt comes out against Spanish monarchy, calls for referendum


Oh dear. Things are really not looking good for the Spanish crown this week, are they? Because that tweet above comes from the aunt of the future queen, and she’s not exactly thrilled about her niece’s in-laws:

The aunt of Spanish princess Letizia expressed herself against the monarchy on her Twitter account and called for signatures to the petition for a referendum to install the Third Republic in Spain.

Following the abdication of King Juan Carlos, the “royal” aunt, Henar Ortiz Álvarez, tweeted a message calling for the end of the monarchy, according to British daily The Guardian.

“The king abdicates. Referendum NOW. It’s time for the citizenry to speak,” reads her call to sign the referendum petition and install a republic. There are many similar messages on Twitter, but that of Henar Ortiz Álvarez has caused the greatest furor.

In response to the question as to why she is participating in a campaign that could hurt her niece, Ortiz Álvarez explained: “I’m not against my niece, we don’t mix family relations with politics.”

Meanwhile, among the responses to her tweet, there are some of total disapproval.

It’s not the first time that Henar Ortiz Álvarez expressed her negative attitude toward the Spanish monarchy. In an interview last year with Vanity Fair, she defined herself as “red, secular and republican”, and opined that “due to the history that we are living, I believe [Letizia] will not become queen.”

Translation mine. Here’s one of those negative responses to her tweet:


“Calling for a referendum?? Freedom of expression aside, you’re not doing your niece much of a favor.”

Well, maybe not…but then again, Princess Letizia isn’t all of Spain, either. And even if she doesn’t become queen, it’s very doubtful that she’ll die in penury. Exile, maybe, but penury, no.

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  1. toma says:

    I doubt Spain will throw it’s monarchy aside as long as the Catholic Church owns its soul. Take it from Ireland – as long as the Church is around, sanity isn’t possible.

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