The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 52


Howdy, folks, and welcome to another episode of “As the Irony Burns”. In today’s installment, Prettyboy Leo’s got some apologizing to do. To whom? Well, Jesus Christ, for one. And Gandhi. And Nelson Mandela. And oh yeah…Chavecito’s ghost, too, since he ironically owes him big-time for what he’s proposing here:

Extremist opposition leader Leopoldo López said in an interview that his situation is similar to that lived by such historic personages as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and the disciples of Jesus.

“What I’m suffering today is the same as what the disciples of Jesus suffered, and the freedom fighters. I draw strength from the testimonies of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Leonardo Ruiz Pineda,” said the Venezuelan neo-Nazi leader.

The director of the terrorist cells of Voluntad Popular was interviewed in his jail cell at Ramo Verde by El Nacional, following a hearing that determined that there is sufficient proof to bring him to trial for the events which occurred before, during and after February 12.

After 111 days in jail, López maintains that there are no reasons for engaging in dialogue with the government.

“I know the dialogue won’t go anywhere, and for that reason we decided not to participate…It is a conviction that we are in dictatorship and one doesn’t negotiate with dictators,” López told the newspaper.

López’s line concerning the Revolution remains clear and of radical tendency, as one can see from the following declarations:

“The streets will remain active until we come out of the dictatorship. Let no one doubt it…I hope that my comrades who fell into the trap of dialogue responsibly assume the frontal route of confronting the dictatorship until we dislodge it by the popular, democratic and constitutional way. If they close off all the institutional paths, which in effect is occurring, we’ll have to call for a constituent assembly, as the Constitution establishes.”

In addition, the far-right leader took advantage of the interview to threaten the female judge in charge of his case, Adriana López, who considers it pertinent, due to accusations and proofs presented, to place him on trial. “History will pay her back for that decision,” he said pointedly.

Translation mine.

Can you beat that? Putschist Prettyboy is actually calling for a constituent assembly, as set forth in the Venezuelan constitution. That would be the Bolivarian constitution that Chavecito put in place, and which was ratified by a direct majority vote of Venezuelans themselves. The same that the putschists are actually trying to do away with. Maybe that’s why this cartoon is so apt:


“Comparing myself to Mandela was a bad idea; they could give me 27 years in jail!”

And that would be the one and only thing he’d have in common with the real Mandela, ironically enough.

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