Another strong candidate for Father of the Year

Hot on the heels of that sexting dude who let his kid die in a hot car over the past summer, we have this inimitable charmer:


Meet Juan Fernández Parra. When his seven-month-old son died of brain cancer, this is the message he sent to the mother of the boy:

Now nothing will unite us for never.

From now on, my life begins and I have no reason to hide that I’m happy. It’s not so bad that Benjamin left this shitty family, so I’m saying goodbye to him.

Translation mine.

Douchebag Dad goes on to note that he has a new partner. Nice to see that he’s someone else’s problem now. With any luck, maybe she’ll ditch him when she sees this. I certainly would…assuming that I had even bothered with such a piece of human waste in the first place.

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