Sorry, no wankapedia tonight.

Auntie ‘Bina has been fighting a cold all week, and the cold has won. (iOS problems with wi-fi haven’t helped, either, and I can’t spend all day sitting in the kitchen, which is the only place my iPad seems to get any reception at all.) It was either regular scheduled blogging or the wankapedia, so I went with the one less likely to suffer from my general lack of energy. Plus, all the piss and vinegar — well, the vinegar, anyway — went into disinfecting every surface I’ve coughed or sneezed on. I’ve got nothing left for a bunch of fuckin’ wankers.

So, all that being said, please enjoy this silly, scary video of Simon and his cat. Regularly scheduled kvetching to resume when I feel up to it, whenever that might be. Meow!

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