“El Colombia” is captured!


A photo of “El Colombia”, real name Leiva Padilla Mendoza, is shown on Venezuelan state channel VTV.

A little BIG good news, and a major break in the Robert Serra assassination. Caracol reports that the chief paramilitary suspect has been captured:

Leiva Padilla Mendoza, alias “El Colombia”, was captured in an operation by the Colombian DIJIN (federal police), in Mamonal-Gambote, southeast of Cartagena, inside a commercial building.

The mann is accused of being the suspected organizer of the assassination of Venezuelan parliamentary deputy Robert Serra and his girlfriend, María Herrera, on October 1 in Caracas.

The Colombian paramilitary suspect was wanted under an Interpol “Code Red”, and according to Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro, he used false names to evade the authorities.

Also wanted for the crime against the deputy is “El Eme” (“M”), identified as Fariñez Palomino, who allegedly entered the home with Leiva and six other men, and assassinated the deputy with a gunshot to the head.

Translation mine.

Aporrea also reports that the wife of “El Colombia”, Neira Palomino, has been taken into custody by a Caracas control tribunal for her ties to the paramilitary band.

The Moon is full now, and just as Neruda predicted, the cowards’ moon is hanging very low in the sky. There’s just one left to go, and there is no doubt that his days as a free man are numbered.

PS: Well, that was quick. Looks like “El Eme” is also captured, according to Últimas Notícias (via Aporrea). It appears that he and “El Colombia” were captured together. Colombian authorities are trying to determine whether he can be extradited, since there was no Interpol “red alert” on him, but he is wanted by the 9th Control Tribunal of Caracas. With this, the paramilitary band’s criminal career is officially over. Kudos to the authorities of Venezuela and Colombia for mopping up this bloody mess.

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