The Spy Cables: How South African intelligence was diverted — and PERverted

By now, this should be a familiar story to anyone who’s been following the War on Terra even casually: A country’s intelligence resources get shamelessly gobbled up by the CIA and Mossad in an effort to blame any domestic terrorism on whatever country the US and Israel currently have in their sights. It’s happened a handful of times in Argentina, where Iranians have been taking the blame for what are in fact false flags staged by none other than Israel. The bombings of the AMIA centre and the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires were not the work of Iranian car-bombers, as was widely reported, but inside jobs, with Mossad agents and Shin Bet behind it all. The objective: To sabotage the then-ongoing Israeli peace talks with the Palestinian authorities, by claiming that the Iranians were their puppet masters, and also by making the Iranian government out to be a state sponsor of terror. Never mind that Iran is guiltless in all this. The smearing of the country’s name was enough.

And it’s not just happening in Argentina. As this Al-Jazeera investigative report indicates, it’s been happening in South Africa as well. State security agents, offices and funding have been diverted from what they should be doing — tracking domestic neo-Nazi terror cells, South Africa’s biggest real menace to society — and turning them against Iran, in order to make that country out, again, to be a state sponsor of terror.

Among the revelations, the Spy Cables disclose how:

*Israel’s Mossad told its allies that Iran was not working to produce nuclear weapons just a month after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned it was barely a year from being able to do so;
*The CIA made attempts to contact Hamas directly despite the US government listing the Palestinian group as a “terrorist organisation”;
*Britain’s MI6 sought South African help in an operation to recruit a North Korean official who had previously refused their cash; and
*South African and Ethiopian spies struggled to “neutralise” an assassination plot targeting a leading African diplomat.

The files unveil details of how, as the post-apartheid South African state grappled with the challenges of forging new security services, the country became vulnerable to foreign espionage and inundated with warnings related to the US “War on Terror”.

The report goes on to note some of the absurd lengths the South Africans had to go to in order to spy on Iran. My personal favorite was the use of Persian rug shops as supposed Iranian spy fronts. Maybe the CIA and Mossad had better learn how to decode secret messages woven into those fancy floor coverings, eh?

Notice the ludicrous mention of North Korea in there, too? Presumably the country poses a nuclear threat. What do you bet the real reason isn’t Kim Jong Un’s alleged nukes, but a whole lotta potential oil and gas reserves, sitting right near the North Korean shore? It’s not unreasonable to speculate that the eternally oil-hungry US, with the help of its Israeli buddies, would want to get at it before the Chinese, the Mongolians, and heaven knows who all else. So of course they’re going to keep polishing that ol’ turd about how dangerous and crazy Kim Jong Un is. Never mind that if he were really all that, he’d have given a lot more concrete proof than we’ve seen to date…which, by the way, is bupkus. He didn’t kill his alleged mistress (she’s still alive and performing on state TV, a position she surely wouldn’t still hold if she were out of favor, much less dead); the Sony hack was an inside job, probably done by a disgruntled former employee; and the scary, scary missiles that we’ve heard so much about have been rather modest, and seem to have been aimed at warning the South Koreans away — hardly a global menace. Meanwhile, the US and South Korea are about to stage military exercises close to the DPRK border, very soon. Keep your eyes on that oil, people, because that’s the real reason Kim is in the kimchi.

What ought to be abundantly clear from all this is that Iran is the US’s main target (and North Korea, a secondary target) in the War on Terra. And that oil is behind it all, same as it ever was.

And for Israel? Well, access to nearby oil is a definite plus because Israel doesn’t have a whole lot of its own, but the more immediate goal is a tightening of the Likud grasp on power. It’s kind of hard for Bibi Netanyahu to maintain it without a shitload of bogus “existential threats” for Israel. Which could, inconveniently, turn real if Israel keeps up at the rate it’s currently going, and alienating all its neighbors any further. They have more than enough cause to mistrust Israel as it is.

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