Venezuela putsch: Maduro denounces “interfering” US document

Further to my last post, here it is in no uncertain terms: There IS indeed another coup d’état underway in Venezuela. And here, to denounce it, is none other than the president himself:

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro denounced the contents of an “interfering, lying” document published by the National Security Agency of the US government, and denounced that they are trying to menace Venezuela with the Inter-American Charter with bald-faced lies about Bolivarian democracy in order to justify a direct intervention that will enable them to bring down the Venezuelan government.

“I denounce this new aggression, I reject the document of ‘national security strategy’ from the US government of interfering character, and hereby ratify my urgent call to the governments and people of South America and CELAC, to support the people and government of Venezuela in rejecting the conspiracy which is being directed against our democracy from the United States,” Maduro said, during a press conference in Miraflores Palace.

“I hereby denounce, maintain, and call upon our people for maximum awareness to continue defeating conspiracies,” said Maduro, as he displayed the contents of a document over the “risks” of democracy in Venezuela.

“I respect President Obama, and with respect for him and the US as a country, it’s because I have the morals and ethics to demand respect for Venezuela,” said Maduro, decrying the grotesque lies which the document, published on Friday in the US, contains.

“There is a coup d’état going on in Venezuela, which is being supported by all the agencies of the US. It’s up to you [to stop it]!” Maduro said, addressing his US counterpart.

He then read part of the document, on page 28, where it states that “we support the citizens of countries in which the full exercise of democracy is at risk, such as Venezuela.”

“When one of their documents says that, it’s a direct order for groups to go berserk and launch themselves into toppling the government,” Maduro warned, recalling that if a country is at supposed risk, the US always assumes the right to support mercenaries to bring down the government of that land. There are plenty of examples in the world where the US has supported them with money and even weapons.

“In the end, the Inter-American Charter will be the instrument for an attempt to intervene in Venezuela,” Maduro added.

“Big mistake, President Obama,” he said, recalling for his US counterpart that in Venezuela the only risk to democracy are the right-wing groups which permanently conspire, and who are allies of the transnational corporations of the US.

“In which country is there more democracy, Venezuela or the US? Where are there more people in power, where are there more political freedoms? Where do the people govern, and not the transnationals?” Maduro asked.

Maduro reminded Obama that in Venezuela, in 2002, there was a coup which was publicly supported by George Bush (Junior). “It’s up to you to distance yourself, to rectify in time the mistaken policies against the Bolivarian Revolution, or else stop making chaos with failed US policies against Venezuela! For that, I’ve called upon UNASUR and CELAC, and for that reason I’m denouncing all of this.”

Maduro publicly addressed Obama, warning him that nobody is fooled by manipulated reports.

“You, President Obama, don’t believe the lies that the war lobbies which you criticized so often, the imperial lobbies which lie so much about Venezuela.

“The lobbies who are preparing these reports are the same that said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction — which you criticized so much,” Maduro said, recalling the lies that were admitted by the US after it had invaded and occupied Iraq illegally in order to supposedly defend itself against those weapons.

“They justify everything in the world with lies,” denounced Maduro.

“Also, President Obama, you should know that we are in another world, and you should know that Latin America and the Caribbean are not the US’s backyard, and Venezuela is now no longer the oil colony that used to belong to the US.”

Maduro reminded Obama that he was obliged to recognize the failure of the illegal and criminal blockade against Cuba, and precisely now, 53 years after that illegal measure began, how much suffering the Cuban people went through as a result of that financial persecution, which still continues.

“I have told you, and I believe this: You can do one of two things. Go down in history as the president who changed relations between the US and all the countries in the Americas and the Caribbean, or as the president who committed the same errors as George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and company.”

Maduro stated that he would soon write a personal letter to Obama, restating the position of the dignified and independent people of Venezuela.

“Venezuela is a country with dignity, deserving respect. I demand respect for Venezuela, for our homeland,” Maduro emphasized.

Translation mine.

Of course, the jackals are circling already. And if you hear any yammering, yodeling and yawping about how the president of Venezuela is a crazy madman and a dangerous dictator who must be toppled immediately, because kooky conspiracy theories and tight tinfoil and yadda yadda, well, you know. Same shit, ‘nother day. They tried this with the last one too, and no one in Venezuela believed them…except of course the conspiracy kooks of the right, whose too-tight tinfoil hats had them blaming Chavecito for everything from toothaches to hangnails. It’s like a nasty feedback loop with them: Whatever the Washington Empire says, they repeat back, louder and crazier. And vice versa.

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