Festive Left Friday Blogging: Fidel’s birthday surprise

Oh, that crazy old barbudo. Look what he and Madurito got up to:


Yup, they called on Evo while he was in Havana. Here’s the story, via Cubadebate:

Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, surprised the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, on Thursday, when they visited him at the hotel where he is staying in Havana, according to Bolivian state news agency ABI.

Fidel and Maduro showed up at the La Laguna Hotel, where Evo arrived early in the morning to celebrate the 89th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

“To Bolivia, all the love of the world, and my admiration,” said Fidel, according to ABI.

Evo had intended to visit Fidel at home, which is why he was surprised that the Cuban leader came looking for him at his hotel.


“I’ve come to share, to accompany our elder brother, Fidel Castro, on his birthday. I admire him greatly, I love him very much, I have learned much from him,” Morales said earlier, upon arriving in Havana.

The Bolivian leader had come on Thursday to attend an event in Havana in which there would be a donation of computer equipment for the “Plurinational State of Bolivia” primary school, according the foreign ministry.

His last previous visit to the island was in December of 2014, when he attended the eighth ALBA Summit in Havana, and met with Cuban president Raúl Castro.

Translation mine.

How do you like that? Fidel doesn’t receive birthday presents on his big day; he GIVES them. And since Cuba has been giving so much to fellow Latin American countries like Venezuela and Bolivia over the years, boosting their own revolutionary leaders and processes, that’s really saying something. Cuba may not be swimming in dollars, but it’s not poor as long as it can still give so much.

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