Festive Left Friday Blogging: Evo dances!

Hey ladies, check it out:

Evo is most definitely NOT all work and no play. He’s a fun boy:

The “neck dance” of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, a peculiar rhythmic movement which the leader made famous in the carnivals of 2013, went viral again on social networks this Wednesday.

Relaxed and in good humor, the Bolivian president left the stage of an inauguration ceremony for a school in Santa Cruz and succumbed to the contagious tropical rhythm of “Juana the Cubana”.

“Neck-dance, neck-dance,” the singer urged, while the audience, composed of local authorities and graduates, cheered the leader on. For a few seconds the president’s head moved in time with the beat, left and right, as if it were moving from one shoulder to the other, amid the general jubilation.

Morales did the “neck dance” briefly for the first time in 2013, at the Santa Cruz carnival, although that time he didn’t step down onto the dance floor. Many humorous videos were made of him and they even composed a song later.

The Bolivian leader likes to keep up his good humor in the four or five public appearances he puts in every day, but his favorite activity is to play soccer during the inauguration of sports stadiums.

Sometimes, the jokes he makes about women have been the subject of complaints by feminist groups.

During his youth, Morales was a trumpeter for the folk-music band “Imperial”, one of the most prestigious of the famous Oruro Carnival.

Translation mine.

Well, I guess that explains his sense of rhythm then. You can’t go anywhere in Bolivia during carnival time without being blasted by big brass bands. The bigger and brassier, the better. Evo might not be a singer, like Chavecito was, but he’s still plenty musical.

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