Let’s all bomb Belgium!

No, seriously.

Let’s all bomb Belgium, because that’s where the terrorists who struck Paris got their orders from.

François Hollande called the attacks “an act of war”. Therefore, it stands to reason that one must declare war on the source of the attacks, no? And since that source is in Brussels, which is practically right next door, France ought to be sending the bomber jets to there, and not Syria.

So. Why is France bombing Syria, and not Belgium?

Clearly, this question is rhetorical. There is literally no answer for it, or at least no good one.

That alleged Syrian passport, found on the body of one of the suicide bombers at the Stade de France? It hasn’t even been confirmed as authentic yet. And it probably never will be; fake Syrian passports can be had for a mere 300 euros in the Balkans. How it even survived a bomb blast is beyond me. Are Syrian passports (even fake ones) bombproof? Then sign me up for Syrian citizenship, because I want one of those. It could come in awfully handy if anyone ever decided to try to blow me up.

Of the eight attackers, so far not one has been proven to be a Syrian, or a refugee. All of them, from what I’ve seen, are European-born. Some were born in France, others in Belgium. And the ringleader of the cell? A Belgian.

But Bina, I can hear some of you whine — they’re Muslims! And Muslims, as we all know, are fanatical, terroristic ideologues!

Oh, ye of little knowledge.

Read what was on Pepe Escobar’s Facebook page this morning. He’s lived in Paris and writes for the Asia Times, so he’s been up on all of this about as much as anyone can be who isn’t actively involved in the police investigation. And if the police confirmed that the Belgian ringleader of this “Muslim” cell is a drunk-ass brothel-crawler, then we can logically assume that he’s no real Muslim, either. Because Islam has declared both alcohol and prostitution to be haram — forbidden.

And you know what else is forbidden in Islam? Terrorism. Yes, that’s right. Middle East expert Juan Cole has a short list of Koranic injunctions against it listed at his site; I’m sure that if you asked nicely, he might even post more. That’s just a sampling of what the good book says about terror tactics…and in fact, the Prophet even warned of the dangers of “fanatics” doing exactly what these guys are doing now.

But Bina — you say — they called themselves the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria! What more proof do you need that we should be bombing Iraq — and Syria?

Yes, well, the Nazis called themselves the “National Socialist Party of Germany”. And yet they still held hands with Dubya’s banker grandfather, and were no more socialist, in fact, than that old capitalist was. Socialism holds that workers must control the means of production. Did the workers of Germany control the means of production? NO! The factories were owned by people who didn’t work there, and who merely extracted profits from them. And this is as true even of the death camps and crematoria as it is of every other industry in the land. The companies that manufactured that death equipment were not owned by workers, either; they were owned by capitalists. The Nazi government was not the builder of crematoria, but merely a client of companies that provided the equipment, and of bankers who financed that purchase. The German people owned nothing of this, and indeed most of them KNEW nothing of it, either. Merely sticking the word “Socialist” in the party name didn’t mean a thing there, did it?

So. Neither does it mean a thing that Daesh (their real name) should call themselves the Islamic State of Anywhere. They are not a state, and they are not Islamic. They’re just a bunch of power-mad bullies who happened to seize control of some turf and some key industries. And who finance their operations with the trafficking of women as sex slaves. Which, be it noted, is also haram. They are about as Muslim as I am, and I’m a Wiccan. (Actually, I’d make a better Muslim than any of them, because I at least don’t go around killing people. I respect other people’s rights and revere the ancient cultural heritage of Syria. They, Daesh, respect nothing and nobody.)

So. Should we be bombing Syria, just on account of a single passport, which could easily be fake and probably is? Because of what some group who aren’t Syrian or proper Muslims are calling themselves, should we be scared of Syrians, or Muslims in general? Or should we turn the bombers on course to intercept the actual ringleader of this criminal cell, who was last seen in Brussels?

I mean, he shouldn’t be too hard to spot. Just look at this fucking poseur:


What the hell is a “Syrian” doing wearing an Afghan pakol hat?

And why the hell is he praising a known crackhead, who was homeless and deranged, as a “martyr”? Clearly this fool isn’t fit to be leading or governing anyone if he doesn’t realize that Mike Bibeau was not a jihadi, but a mentally ill addict.

So. Are we gonna bomb Belgium now for harboring this terrorist, or not? And if not — why the hell bomb Syria, then? Because Syria is no more a state sponsor of terrorism than Belgium is. And if these terrorists have no state sponsors, then this is not an act of war. It is a crime, and should be treated as one by all the countries involved. It is a job for police, not armies and air forces. And any salivating war profiteers should keep their grubby fingers out of it.

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1 Response to Let’s all bomb Belgium!

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Bina, concur with your sentiments.

    However, you have not really kept yourself and your readers adequately appraised about what has been happening in either Ukraine or Syria.

    Indeed, Pepe Escobar is a great source, an honest and intelligent journalist.

    What I have seen with Syria is the most intense infowar I have ever experienced.

    The story about what is happening in Syria is pretty much blacked out.

    I have researched this issue in depth and I am amazed that many on the progressive left that pose as luminaries totally suck–on many issues.

    Also, I do t agree with you on the German government repression on Pegida.

    The machinations and dissembling on the part of the Merkel government is becoming clearer. There are some deranged Neonazis, but this doesn’t encompass much of the movement.

    Much of the movement are resisting US NATO colonization and banks yet domination in the part of the EU central bankers.

    You can take whatever position you want–but I am disappointed that you haven’t focused more broadly.

    The US empire is now in overdrive to destroy Russia, China and the BRICS system that is rising as a counter-hegemonic force.

    Destroying counties with shock is part of the game-plan.

    I am pro-Muslim, and pro-people, pro-refugee–but I am also 100 percent on the side of Russia and the legitimate Syrian government.

    Finding a coherent narrative about what has been happening in Syria is tough–that is why I have formed a network of friends that actually live inside and outside the country.

    The is the most gargantuan disinformation narrative I have ever witnessed.

    Good luck, and I look forward to you giving this issue the attention the Syrian people deserve.

    Also–can you even contemplate there being pro-Putin LGBT? Not if you don’t bother to inquire deeper that the US propaganda left/right humanitarian imperialists.

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