Argentina: New laws to govern protests rejected, along with economic measures

Ahem. A little music, Maestra, to set the tone:

Ah. That was lovely, even with the bit at the end missing. Now, the story:

The Argentine head of cabinet, Marcos Peña, announced on Friday that the Macri government are preparing a “protocol for social protest” to confront the complaints following recently announced cutbacks and rate hikes.

Peña explained that the government is seeking “predictability and clear rules” to define protests. “Protests are legitimate, but they must not impede free circulation,” he told the daily newspaper, Página/12.

For the secretary of the Interior Security Council, Gerardo Milman, the protocol will provide “more fluid channels of dialogue” between demonstrators and authorities. At the same time, it will offer “specific locations to influence” protests.

The measure also seeks to guarantee two rights, that of those who protest, and that of those who mobilize.

A group of political and social organizations and unions protested on Thursday in rejection of the latest measures implemented by the Macri government, which had barely completed a week’s rule, and announced an upcoming gathering for Tuesday to repudiate the economic measures.

Translation mine.

So yes, the honeymoon is definitely over for the Macri administration, and they’ve not even been in power a month. This bodes ill for them, though rather hearteningly for the people and social movements of Argentina. They’re not taking this repressive “free speech zone” shit lying down, and they’re not fooled by the government’s euphemistic rhetoric. That’s good.

BTW, if you’re wondering what the missing piece off the end of the song is, it’s a spoken bit where a creepy male voice says, “You ain’t seen the bloody trail yet. Ha ha.”

And yes, I think that’s relevant, too.

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