Arrest order out for ex-president of Panama

Well, well. What have we here? A crooked-ass ex-leader under capture orders? Yes…soon:

Last Friday afternoon, attorney Carlos Herrera Morán presented an apprehension order against Panamanian ex-president Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, who has been linked to a case of telephone tapping.

In the preliminary hearing, judge Jerónimo Mejía declared that Martinelli is a “rebellious defendant”. According to Herrera Morán, this means that the ex-president is “disobeying the orders of Panamanian tribunals, who are turning a deaf ear.”

For the moment, the court case is suspended until Martinelli appears in court.

According to Herrera Morán, the only way to get Martinelli to appear is a detention order by way of Interpol.

It is also known that the prosecutor of the case, Harry Díaz, will solicit the arrest of Martinelli.

Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Berrocal left the country on January 28, 2015, for his first legislative session in the Central American Parliament. Until now, his attorney and he himself have indicated that he is in Miami, Florida, where he remains in self-exile and uses Twitter to make his criticisms.

Translation mine.

Honestly, the only thing about this that surprises me is that it’s taken this long to put a request in with Interpol. Martinelli was Bhad Nhews from day one. And of COURSE he’s hiding in Miami…it’s where all the flotsam and jetsam of Latin America keeps washing up, regular as the tide.

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