Music for a Sunday: Scott Weiland, RIP…

The former frontman of the Stone Temple Pilots, who waged a long and painful battle with heroin and crack addictions, has crashed for the final time. Here, he fronts another of the three major groups he led in his storied career, with three former members of Guns ‘N Roses (in case you didn’t recognize Slash, with his trademark top hat and signature soaring guitar riffs). I picked this song because the lyrics are all about his struggles, as well as the relationship breakdowns they occasioned. In this video, though, he survives; a groupie who was with him dies of overdose. Judging by his painfully gaunt appearance in this and more recent videos, he was probably still fighting unsuccessfully against his demons on the night of his final concert. He lost a brother to the effects of the same addictions several years ago.

He and I are of an age. He is sadly missed.

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