Complete, unedited video of LaVoy Finicum’s truck being pursued by police, then stopped. At the 9:15 mark or thereabouts, he swerves his truck to miss a spike strip, and appears to almost hit an officer. The truck then careens into a snowbank and stops, and he gets out. At first he appears to have his hands up, but a moment later he reaches inside his jacket, where he has a 9 mm pistol stashed. At that point, the police (who have acted with extraordinary restraint up to this point) shoot him dead.

You’ll note that at NO point was Finicum on his knees, much less making an earnest effort to surrender, and he certainly appears to have made good on his prior vow to die rather than go to jail. Unfortunately for Tarp Man, the police were quicker on the draw than he was.

Meanwhile, Old Man Bundy is still alive, and still preaching the same stupidity that got LaVoy Finicum killed. And there’s a tiny rump of “militia” — terrorists, really — still hijacking that bird sanctuary in the name of a total misinterpretation of the US constitution, written by an ex-FBI Mormon conspiracy hack. They’d rather alienate the very people they purport to be trying to “help”, and all in the name of some bogus ideology that’s doomed to fail.

Of all the stupid hills to die on, they picked the very dumbest.

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