Police break up PEGIDA demo in Köln; counterdemo draws thousands

Video (actually, an outtake from a much longer RT video, by an unrelated YouTuber; the hysterical captioning leads me to believe that it was a PEGIDA sympathizer) of police in Köln breaking up yesterday’s PEGIDA demonstration after hooligans in their midst tried to provoke a riot by throwing cherry bombs and bottles. The announcement of the police’s intent comes at about the 4:50 mark. Some PEGIDA demonstrators claim the provocation came from someone in a grey coat and bearing a press pass, but the troublemaker can’t be seen here and possibly — probably — doesn’t exist. At close to the 6-minute mark, the water cannon starts firing as the police advance, driving the demonstrators back. This takes place at 4:10 in the afternoon. Note that the PEGIDA demo is mostly male, and that indignant Muslim-hating women are strangely few and far between. This is hardly a coincidence.

Towards the end, PEGIDA speaker Dominik Rössler claims that some police officers told him they were on his side, but had “orders from above”. This claim is questionable, of course, but still should be grounds for a police purge if any of it proves true. There is no room for neo-Nazism, in any way, shape or form, on ANY German police force.

And as for PEGIDA, they’re a fucking joke: Where were THEY on New Year’s Eve, as they so cutely ask the police in their little chant? If they’re so keen on “protecting women”, why weren’t they doing it when the assaults happened? Too busy drinking and molesting women themselves, most likely.

Meanwhile, here’s what the flashmob against PEGIDA looked like — same day, different side of the train station:

Note the totally different tone. Much more colorful than PEGIDA, that bunch of greyfaces. Also, much more cheerful. And much, much more female. (I can live without the thrash-metal background music that was added on by the YouTuber, but whatever.)

You can hear a speaker warning that hooligans have joined the PEGIDA crowd. (This is true.) She also urges the antifascist contingent to stick together, not be driven apart, and not give in to provocation.

And oh yeah: You’ll also note that there are NO cherry bombs going off in this demo, and no bottles being thrown at anyone.

Who are the real thugs in Germany, again?

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