Quotable: David Bowie on drugs, sobriety, and surviving

David Bowie reminisces about how he and Iggy Pop went to Berlin and lived there on and off for some three years while coming off drugs. According to the YouTuber who posted this (on the 11th): “The interview was recorded in 1997 a few day’s after his 50th birthday.” At about the 4:50 mark, he makes the insightful comment that surviving addiction and coming out the other side made a better person of him. And, paradoxically: he doesn’t regret having done those things, but he wouldn’t advise his son to do them, either.

Bonus: Here’s Iggy, in a 1990 interview (uploaded the same day as the one above!), talking about how getting out of Los Angeles, at Bowie’s suggestion, saved HIS life, too:

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