Shocking revelation: Venezuelan National Assembly guards are former DIGEPOL torturers!


There are a few letters missing from this particular game of Scrabble. D-I-G-E-P-O-L, to be precise. And A-D. And H-E-N-R-Y R-A-M-O-S A-L-L-U-P. But who’s counting?

Ah, Venezuela. Land of terror, where an evil, dictatorial socialist government has abolished the old practice of keeping political prisoners, torturing them, and then “disappearing” them, dead or alive-but-soon-to-be-dead, like the Argentine junta or Pinochet’s henchmen in Chile, but actually before them…and after them, too. Well, kids, it looks like the Bad Old Days are on their way back. Because guess who’s guarding the newly right-wing National Assembly in Caracas. And guess who brought the baddies back…

Terrifyingly, a political analyst has said on television that the intelligence service, that is to say, those who are currently guarding the National Assembly, have been transported from the vaults to the current period. That is to say, the security guards of the National Assembly belong to a mess which was called DIGEPOL.

They were students of [Luis] Posada Carriles, the terrorist who, in one of his résumé’s “legends”, has caused the explosion of a Cubana Airlines plane, with more than 70 personas aboard, in mid-flight, and dozens of deaths besides, as if it were nothing.

The DIGEPOL was an Acción Democrática edifice, whose maquette was drawn up by the Dulles brothers in the USA. The screams which emerged from this house of terror were lost among its walls, and left their marks among dozens of devices they used to produce bloodshed and death…Burning the eyes with lit cigarettes, alligator clips on the testicles, chains which they slowly tightened around the neck, plunges into bathtubs full of water with plastic bags on the head, belaying-pins inserted into the anus, kicks, electrical currents, infernal noises in the ears, are some of the great things the AD party used in those macabre satanic rites in a basement, on those who raised their voices against Rómulo [Betancourt], [Raúl] Leoni, [Jaime] Lusinchi…

And later, the exit during the wee hours of the morning, with the human cargo in a panel truck to a cliff, a river, a seaside bluff, so that the corpse would disappear, and if it reappeared, as it did in the death of [Alberto] Lovera, they would say it was a common crime.

The analyst alerted the public about these “guards”, who were there, carrying in their souls the same psychological imbalance of those years, but now more “technified”. The criminal in the service of the police never stopped being one, because that’s something that in his underworld which he finds indispensable to his pleasure and that of his bosses.

Fortunately, if this serves for anything (parents and grandparents, seniors, you need to tell your children and grandchildren, your friends, that it was this house of crime, called DIGEPOL, run by the AD party. You must read them the manuscript, and remind them that there were not only big criminals like Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, Stroessner, Pinochet and others in past times in other countries, but in more recent ones in Venezuela. Rómulo Betancourt, [Raúl] Leoni, [Rafael] Caldera, Carlos Andrés Pérez, and other sickos who tortured and killed their great political enemies.

At the service of [Henry] Ramos Allup, the disciples of Posada Carriles are walking the halls of the National Assembly and yes, the MUD brought them there.

Something bad is going on. Reopening eyes to those who burned their long-ago victims is not seductive. Involving the country in the diatribe of fear, of raids, of breaking down doors, of blows with the butt of a rifle to the chest, while a mother cries in the wee hours for her missing child, is not resplendent.

We are not fearful, we don’t perceive fear as a perturbing question; fear is something that bubbles up in those who don’t know what produces it, and are suddenly surprised. For this reason we call upon the youth, the political dreamers, the patriots, the Venezuelans who, from a lecture hall, a high-school class, are making mental notes to bring happiness to the Venezuelan homeland in the future. For this, we alert the youth. The believers in medieval politics, the “shoot first and ask later”s, are at the service of the National Assembly and were brought there, according to the analyst, by another representative of the AD party, which produced deaths and disappearances in Venezuela: HENRY LISANDRO RAMOS ALLUP.

Translation mine.

The DIGEPOL, later known as DISIP, was Venezuela’s feared and hated political police during the days of the “democratic” Fourth Republic, or Punto Fijo, era. They were trained and financed by the CIA, and did their bidding locally. Under the auspices of “freedom” and “democracy” (note the quotes, there for a reason), they would kidnap leftist activists in the dead of night, transport them to their torture facilities, and do pretty much every awful thing imaginable to them. And then dispose of them, just as secretly, in mass graves, as happened in the massacres of Yumare and Cantaura, or dumped them in a river (like the mighty Orinoco, Venezuela’s own Amazon), or the sea. Sometimes their dirtywork would come back to haunt them; leftist professor Alberto Lovera reappeared as a semi-decomposed corpse, with the dungeon-chain still wrapped around his neck. Tsk, tsk, how careless.

And now the students of the same death squads, led by the CubanaBomber, Luis Posada Carriles, are ba-ack…as “security guards” (again, note quotes) to the National Assembly. Just as old torturers and assassins of the Argentine junta reappeared as “security guards” for banks and other enterprises of ostensibly legal organized criminals in Buenos Aires:

Everything old really is new again. Unfortunately.

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