Dear racists: No, seriously, you can shut up NOW.

Pardon me while I let my girl Drew speak to exactly how I feel about what I’m about to share with you all:

Ahem. Now then…

A group of refugee women in Germany wrote the following open letter, which illustrates just how much racism and sexism go together in that country:

We, women of the refugee shelter Westerwaldstraße 92A in Köln-Humboldt-Gremberg, see the necessity to write a further explanation to our open letter over the circumstances of the refugee camp. As women in a refugee shelter, we are not only subject to unacceptable living conditions, but further heavy-weighing problems that threaten our lives and psyches.

There is no private sphere, no refuge for women in the shelter. Mothers can’t breastfeed their babies in peace, pregnant women have no peace or special care, mothers have no chance to supply their children with healthy food and education. But that’s not all.

The shelter’s security crew has been organizing sexual abuse and molestations of women since their arrival in the gym. The group consists of nine men: the leader, and four for the early shift and four for the late shift. They make videos of women breastfeeding, showering and sleeping at night. They pull the covers off married couples when they’re naked and intimate underneath. They also use psychological force and coercion to get women to have sex with them, promising for instance to get them a place to live in exchange. At night, the security forces bring other men from outside, dressed in the uniform of the security crew, who go to the women. They lurk in groups when the women try to go to the toilets outside the gym, won’t let them go in, and then try to rape them while others in the group stand lookout. The same also happens in the showers. The security men also take the women along to their rooms to have sex with them there. Some of the victims are minors.

We can only estimate the number of victims, because affected women are often too afraid to tell anyone about it. Some women have reported the attacks, however. Others among us are eyewitnesses to sexual assaults. We have reported rapes, sexual abuse, and harassment, for several weeks, again and again, with the management of the facility, but they haven’t done anything about it.

Those responsible for these crimes must be brought to justice!

Women in refugee shelters need special care and peace!

Translation mine.

Notice that the perpetrators of gang rape in this case aren’t refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or North Africa. They’re Germans.

And the victims aren’t Germans. They’re refugees. They come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as North Africa.

They came fleeing war, and all the crimes and human rights abuses that go with it, including organized rapes. Just like the organized rapes that are now being perpetrated against them by gangs in the guise of security men in the so-called refugee shelter.

It’s a crime of racism and xenophobia, as well as stark and stinking sexism.

Seriously, all you racists who think you’re “protecting women” by burning down shelters and running riot in the streets — this is your team at work here. This is your side. This is what you’re supporting when you go out demonstrating with PEGIDA and the like. You are objectively pro-rape, as well as objectively fascist.

And you all can shut the fuck up and go to hell.

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  1. thwap says:

    I feel so disgusted by this. The terrible things being done.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yup. And the media AREN’T crawling all over this. I wonder why.

      BTW, there’s some great analysis of the nature of the problem here.

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