Dear racists: You can all shut up now.


A Syrian demonstrating against sexism, in Germany last month. Turns out he’s more representative of his people than the image of them that’s been making the rounds of racist talking head shows. The cold hard facts, from the UK Independent:

On Friday, the Cologne prosecutor Ulrich Bremer in fact told me that, of the 59 suspects pinpointed so far, just four are from war-torn countries (Syria and Iraq), only 14 are in custody, and nobody has yet been charged. Nearly 600 hours of CCTV reveals very little, and there is no evidence whatsoever that the alleged attacks were planned in advance.

And for those wondering, an equal number of native-born, white Germans are also facing charges. Three of them to as many Syrians.

This follows an attack on a Belgian TV reporter, who was assaulted in Köln while reporting on German carnival festivities:

You’ll note that all the assailants and obscene clowns in this case were also white. One of them, a teenage boy, later turned himself in to police.

So much for the “good” white German man, that brave defender of women. He’s no better than the brown boogyman, at the end of the day.

And that scary refugee dude, the one we’re all supposed to hate and fear? He’s the one handing out roses to German passersby, thanking them for helping him and his relatives escape from the terrors of a war zone in which women and children are routinely assaulted and raped, too:

And he’s cooking for the homeless in Berlin, too.

So, in short, racists: You all can shut up now.

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