Jian Ghomeshi is sorry, you guys.

Hey, everyone. Not feeling well tonight, so this is gonna be quick. Jian Ghomeshi has apologized to, er, one of his victims, anyway:

“I want to apologize to Ms. Borel for my behaviour towards her in the workplace,” Ghomeshi said aloud in court. “In the last 18 months I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on this incident and the difficulties I caused Ms. Borel, and I’ve had to come to terms with my own deep regret and embarrassment.”

Ghomeshi also said he had a position of “privilege” as the host of Q and that his behaviour was “sexually inappropriate.” A letter from Ghomeshi’s therapist detailing the extent of the psychotherapy he’s undergone in the last 18 months was also submitted to court.

And what did she make of it? Well…

Somehow, I don’t think she was much impressed.

I also get the distinct impression that the only thing he’s really sorry for is that he got caught. And that it cost him a lucrative job, his star status in a very small media industry, and an awful lot of future dates (and victims). And that now, everybody finally knows he’s a douchebag.

Which is, I suppose, justice of a sort.

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