No, of COURSE the Democratic primary process isn’t rigged…

…of COURSE not:

And of COURSE we didn’t just see Chris Matthews open his noisy cakehole and promise that no matter what, the endgame was already rigged to spit out you-know-who, no matter what the voters in delegate-rich California might have to say.

No, we didn’t see that at all. Except we totally did. Where have we seen this before?

Oh yeah. That’s where. In FLORIDA, 2000. That’s gonna be California, 2016, now, if Chris “Tweety” Matthews gets his druthers.

So, in short: MSNBC = FUX Snooze Lite. The Dems = Repugs Lite.

It’s like they’ve forgotten what their party name even means. And that’s bad news for the country.

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