Putschist Brazil: The fun has just begun!


You DID, Tweety! You DID tee a coup d’état! And you taw it in Brazil, where, in the latest sick twist, one of the putschist government ministers got embarrassingly outed:

The credibility of Brazil’s interim government was rocked on Monday when a senior minister was forced to step aside amid further revelations about the machiavellian plot to impeach president Dilma Rousseff.

Just 10 days after taking office, the planning minister, Romero Jucá, announced that he would “go on leave” following the release of a secretly taped telephone conversation in which he said Rousseff needed to be removed to quash a vast corruption investigation that implicated him and other members of the country’s political elite.


Supporters of the Workers’ party leader say the charges are a pretext for a “coup”. Temer’s allies counter that the impeachment was constitutional and necessary to address political paralysis and the worst recession in decades.

But the dubious motives and machiavellian nature of the plot to remove Rousseff are apparent in the transcript of a phone conversation between Jucá – a powerful ally of Temer’s in the Brazilian Democratic Movement party (PMDB) – and Sérgio Machado, a former senator who until recently was the president of another state oil company, Transpetro.

After discussing how they are both targeted by Lava Jato prosecutors, Jucá says the way out is political: “We have to stop this shit,” he says of the investigation. “We have to change the government to be able to stop this bleeding.”

Machado concurs: “The easiest solution would be to put in Michel [Temer].”


Later in the conversation, Juca says he talked about his plans to supreme court justices, who told him the “shit” (referring to the corruption investigation and its media coverage) would never stop as long as Rousseff remained in power. He also said he received “guarantees” from military commanders that they could prevent disturbances from radical leftwing groups such as the Landless Workers Movement.

Jucá – who took the influential post of planning minister in the interim government – admitted on Monday that the conversation had taken place, but he said his words were taken out of context. He argued that he was referring to economic losses when he talked about “the bleeding”. His lawyer, Almeida Castro, reiterated this: “At no time was Jucá speaking against Lava Jato or seeking to interfere with the operation.”

So. The real reason why Dilma was ousted had nothing to do with her being corrupt, but rather, the coup-plotters who ousted her being investigated for their own corruption. The only way to stop the investigation was to oust the government condoning it. That meant Dilma had to go, on whatever fabricated pretext. The rest is history, and increasingly, people ARE calling it a coup. In fact, the involvement of military commanders and military repression of popular movements, alluded to in Jucá’s phone call, would strongly suggest it’s a military coup.

It’s getting too embarrassing not to be recognized for what it really is, no?

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