Venezuela: Right-wing demonstrators attack policewoman

Sixteen horrifying seconds on the streets of Caracas. A federal policewoman is stripped of her riot shield, then assaulted by punks of the right-wing opposition. The story, via Aporrea:

This Wednesday, a group of putschists, guarimberos and maladjusted people from an illegal march convoked by the opposition against the National Electoral Council brutally attacked a female officer of the Bolivarian National Police.

The putschists broke through the security cordon around the Plaza Venezuela, which was installed in order to protect the safety of citizens.

But as is customary, the right-wing demonstrators attacked and assaulted police officers, without taking into account that they were there only because of [opposition leaders] Henrique Capriles and Henry Ramos Allup, who were not seen near the failed and violent march of the ultra-right.

A video, caught by Telesur cameras, shows how the aggressors, using sticks, stones and fists, assaulted a policewoman until someone intervenes and manages to calm the aggressors.

One of the attackers can be seen taking a rock and lunging at the policewoman, intending to hit her with it, but then, following the intervention by another demonstrator, opts to throw the rock at another officer. He drags her to the pavement in a violent manner. Is this the peaceful demonstration the opposition keeps talking so much about?

The police officer, named Dubraska, was hit with sticks and pipes by demonstrators on Libertador Avenue in Caracas.

Translation mine.

It’s worth noting that the violence in question took place outside the National Electoral Council offices. Clearly a measure of the antidemocratic nature of the opposition, since only fascists who hate democracy (and who can’t win a clean, fair election of the kind that is now routine in Venezuela) would riot against a security cordon put in place to protect a national democratic institution.

And yeah. Where were their leaders, to tell them not to do it? Where were Majunche Capriles and Henry “Traki-Traki” Ramos Allup? Don’t THEY care about democracy?

Of course not. Majunche was last seen losing to Chavecito and Madurito, and as for Traki-Traki, his finest achievement in Venezuelan democracy is not political, but musical:

PS: Small correction. I found Majunche, and he’s trying to get the military to revolt against the government. So far, unsuccessfully, thank Goddess. But yeah…talk about a commitment to democracy, eh? Isn’t this same opposition the one that considered Chavecito a “military dictator” just because he wore his old army uniform and rank sometimes, even though he was elected as a civilian?

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